ARE YOU AN OVERWEIGHT FAT SLOB? Well, you have only yourself to blame

GLUTTONY and gorging yourself on the wrong foods you eat, mainly caused by ignorance, laziness and boredom, is the obese persons path to an early demise.
A DIET of processed meat, full fat dairy products and fried foods is fuelling the worlds growing rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.
Although Australia is high up the charts internationally, It is in America and Canada where the problem is at its greatest peak, and 25% more, the highest proportion of the porky population are women over 20 years of age- 70% of those are fatties. so men if you are looking for a Nth AM partner; particularly Caucasian, its 4 to i on she is a fatso.
Most people totally ignore the recommended eating habits, men generally have the poorest diets, with fewer than 5% eating the recommended Minimum of five vegetables per day, but counter this by having more exercise and some a physical work program.
Women on the other hand tend to be taking trips to the pantry more often than men.

NOT ENOUGH VEGETABLES. Just 7.5 per cent of adults eat five or more servings per day.

NOT ENOUGH FRUIT. Only 52 per cent eat two or more servings per day.

THE WRONG MILK. 45 per cent of adults only drink full cream milk.

NOT ENOUGH BREADS. Only 10 per cent of adults eat more than four servings per day.

TOO MUCH FRIED POTATO. 21 per cent of adults eat them at least once per week.

TOO MUCH PROCESSED MEAT PRODUCTS. Including sausages , meat pies, pizzas, Frankfurt's, salami, Bacon and Ham. 62 per cent eat them at least once a week World wide, but America and Canada the figures are 85 per cent more than twice per week.

It seems that Middle aged women in Canada & the USA consume more Pork products than any where else in the world, Their taste for Bacon recipes is becoming widespread, which in turn leaves little doubt why their backsides are also widespread.
Vest....Back soon.


Vest said…
Today for dinner:

Rost beef with mushrooms and RBG, plus Mashed Spuds, fresh from the garden carrots, parsnips, swede, turnip. peas cauliflower and brocoli.
Afters; Deep apple pie with french vanilla icecream.
WALLY. said…
What's RBG vesty.
Jayne said…
Tea tonight was...
Risotto with spinach, broccoli and cauliflower, boiled sweet spud, spud, pumpkin, zucchini, parsnip, eggplant and leek.
Vest said…
Wally: RBG are the initials for what the R/Navy called 'Rich Brown Gravy', but on most occasions was rarely the same colour texture or taste.
Vest said…
Jayne : after hogging out on that much nosh, has me thinking you only eat once each day. Ten veggies "Cor Blimey" "Where's the loo"?
Davoh said…
? Am Five foot nine (whateverthat is in centimetres) seven stone(?) 65 kilo, last time that i looked.

Fly weight .. heh .

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