My April 10  2010 post attracted several nasty emails and one nasty comment regarding the movie industry relating to people from the promised land and elsewhere.

So ok you guys here is a bit more to chew on, its dated, but still worth a read, it just goes to show how some people despite being intelligent and worldly wise can be so terribly dimwitted wherever religion rears its ugly head.

Wednesday, 27 December 2006


MOST people by now will be aware of my non alignment with the Faith Industry regardless of your choice of calling. Praying to ask that the laws of the universe be annulled for a particular petitioner is not my idea of facing up to the music and getting off your arse and getting on with life in a materialistic manner. Blind faith has few rewards, Hope which is desire and expectation rolled into one; is achieved through using logic and commonsense. However, a sense of Charity is to be expected from all mankind toward all creatures in crisis or beyond any chance of helping thereselves, which brings me back to the Rev Rabbi D Slavin, Who is a leader within the Orthodox Jewish religion Whose exploits were brought to light on my post dated Sept 25 06.(Click back).

At the cost of $19,800.00 two Sydney Councils are forking out to pay for the first KOSHER PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, Because pressing a button on the sabbath-the period of rest between sunset on Friday and sunset on Saturday- is considered a breach of religious law by orthodox Jews, (see my post Sept 25.)

I am suggesting that this bunch of religious crackpots at their future Knee bending sessions at their synogogue pass the chalice around until sufficient cash is collected in order to reimburse their benefactors, or be given to a deserving charity. The extensive list of 'donts' on the Sabbath is endless, like driving, cooking, carrying, handling money(ha ha), using electrical and mechanical devices. Maybe dressing oneself, opening doors, turning on taps(faucets) and pressing the toilet flush have been overlooked, so what in this persons crazy mind is so Bloody different about pressing the button on a pedestrian crossing?

I say Shame on you Rabbi Slavin, you are an absolute Thieving Nutter. 
My Jewish Great Grandmother would turn in her grave hearing this.
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Davoh said…
"Faith industry" .. o, perhaps am a bit slow to 'catch up' but that's always a good chestnut .. heh.

Have been reading a book about the "Arms Industry" published in 1977.
(the Arms Bazaar) ..UM .. and now the 'finance industry' has been caught with its pants down .. and the "Aviation Industry" has been temporarily nobbled by a few aerosol particles.

oh dear, when will it all end? .. heh.
Vest said…
Copied from a recent post.

Anonymous said...
You are a worthless gentile busy body I feel I should wipe you off the earth, pig.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010 11:34:00 PM AEST
Chris B said…
The really silly thing is, they are still breaking the Sabbath.
Vest said…
"Congratulations" To our good Queen Bess 2nd. Of the British commonwealth of nations
On her 4th 21st. Birthday.

I recall our ship firing a 21 gun salute of 6" Icwt shells into a non military peaceful Nth Korean fishing village on the Queens 26th Birthday 1952. The gunnery officer was not amused when I disagreed with his opinion that it was Spiffing Fun; as he put it.
Herb, Gosford. said…
Are you completely barmy you pommie twit? the Queens birthday is in june
WALLY. said…
He's right vest it is in june.
Vest said…
Herb and Wally: You must be both mentally related, has the fireworks and general pissup day in June clogged your thinking or maybe I am wrong and your Queen is the gayful Priscilla the Strayer Queen of the desert whose eta was in june way back apiece.
However, I believe what has clouded your thinking is loosely known as the monarch's birthday celebrations, formerly the Kings Birthday.
Granted this general pissup day falls in June on varying dates worldwide like a movable feast, however, in Western Australia where they think slower than Queenslander's due to the input of Irish DNA, the monarchs official unbirthday is celebrated in October.
Now say sorry.
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vest said…
Davo: Thank you for calling.

'Faith Industry'. I coined that favourite Clich'e of mine way back a few years, its a one size fits all utterance.
Hasn't caught on though, but no one has bagged me about it.

Give Davo a call he has a fascinating blog site.
WALLY. said…
Mum said I must say sorry mr vest. so SORRY.
Vest said…
Thank you Wally. It must be a rare occasion for an indigenous person to say sorry to an invader.
Jimmy said…
all clerics of all religions cannot be trusted

According to an Iranian cleric earthquakes are not caused by the movement of the earth's tectonic plates but by attractive, inappropriately dressed women who lure youths into premarital or extramarital sexual affairs.

Jimmy said…
Jesus was anti religion
born a Jew he refused to follow the silly rituals

He mocked the Law of Moses
who commanded to stone the adulteress to death

and many other traditional doctrines
Jimmy said…
after He was tortured and crucified by the Jews

the followers of Jesus created a new religion Christianity ot Catholic religion with Head at Vatican
Jimmy said…
The silly catholic padres took the Oath of celibacy and went against Gods Design for man

Now we have paedophiles in the Catholic Church
Jimmy said…
At the cost of $19,800.00 two Sydney Councils are forking out to pay for the first KOSHER PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, Because pressing a button on the sabbath-the period of rest between sunset on Friday and sunset on Saturday- is considered a breach of religious law by orthodox Jews, (see my post Sept 25.)

on similiar grounds Galileo was imprisoned and died there

the SUN goes round the EARTH said the BIBLE

Galilieo said NO -- thats bull shit
Jimmy said…
Inspite of the advances in SCIENCE
MAN is powerless against the forces of NATURE


and now ...

The volcano that has erupted in Iceland disrupts the whole world. Millions of passengers can’t get home because all Asia-Europe flights are stopped – governments are afraid of the fallout from the ash cloud drifting from the erupting Eyjafjallaj√∂kull volcano. Iceland volcanoes illustrate world’s interconnectedness. Collected here are photos of the most recent eruption, take a look.

Don't forget to watch the Animated GIF pics at the last post which shows how the ashes traveled across the globe.

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