Facebook pedophiles target Britain's Got Talent TV star Hollie Steel.
BRITISH child star Hollie Steel was targeted by pedophiles using her Facebook page, her worried mum was reported as saying .

Hollie, 11, was sent a series of sick messages by men since appearing on the UK TV contest Britain's Got Talent.
Her mom Nina Steel, 37, said: "We've had pedophiles on the internet write disgusting things.
"Through Hollie's Facebook they write really disgusting messages to her. It's appalling - I don't know how they get away with it.
"I have replied saying, 'This is actually Hollie's mom and I'm going to report you.' I go mad at them. I did report one who was really bad."
A family friend who looks after internet security for Hollie's parents discovered a pedophile was banned for sending sick messages - but kept getting back on to the site by using false names and was accused of grooming young children.
Campaigners have called for a so-called panic button on Facebook after a string of cases where sex offenders befriended victims on social networking sites.
Mrs Steel added: "Because Hollie is only 11, I only ever let her look at the internet when I'm with her.
"Her school supervises that too, so she never sees these messages. But if she wasn't supervised, Hollie would be horrified at them."
Hollie - who broke down in tears on stage under the pressure of the Britain's Got Talent semi-finals last year - lives with her mom, brother Joshua, 16, and dad Jason, 38, in a modest three-bedroom home in northwest England.


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