Fat Cricketer Warne Gives up Extra Marital for Gambling. Plus "Happy Motoring."

Probe on Shane Warne-An online betting agency endorsed by former champion cricketer Shane Warne is under investigation by Australia's communications watchdog.
 The Australian Communications and Media Authority confirmed yesterday it had received a complaint that the betting site 888sport was in breach of the Integrated Gambling Act.
The spokesman, who would not say who raised the objection, said: "We have had one complaint and our investigation is ongoing. However, we have not closed down the site." He would not comment further.
Yesterday morning, it was up and running and taking bets on races in Victoria and NSW. By afternoon the site suddenly went offline. It stated the service was temporarily unavailable.
 The company believed to be owned by 888 Holdings PLC, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange - by phone and email. A customer service spokesman said: "We are temporarily unavailable. That's all I know." Asked if the problem was software-related, the spokesman said: "Don't know. We have been told to just say the service is temporarily unavailable."

Another lead balloon day, yesterday 41 visits to this blog, 62% of them new visitors but only one comment which was on a previous post

As I started to write this comment I heard the loungeroom clock go "CUCKOO"....hmm. Be about right.

   IT is a pity we cannot sue the ass of those who create inconveniences within ones personal time, particularly when it involves petty irritating situations.
Due to  a tailender on my Ford Falcon St/Wagon last Oct created by an ethnic Italian plumber  coming up behind me at traffic lights when I had stopped.
 Three return visits to the repairer in all 80 kms and time wasting before the damage was fixed apparently. But not as such it would appear, as this would be due to a sighting of the left hand concealment panel on the tailgate leaving the car at speed whilst traveling the  F3 Freeway  at 70mph(110 k's) recently.
Insurers Questions. How did it become removed? Did you remove it? Did you see it being removed? Where is the panel now. Oh dear oh dear , do these guys ever listen. one could do better talking to a rocking horse.

Have a normal day, Vest.


Jimmy said…
wat da duck r u talking about?
Vest said…
Jimmy: The same you may have read, mind you I am unsure about that, you being a bit thick behind the ears buddy.
Read it again.
lower deck lawyer said…
Facebook Spies.
For James Bond, hi tech once meant Scrambling his telephone to stop the enemy listening in. But todays real -life spies are expected to be more savvy to counter the threat from terrorists.
MI5 is making dozens of its older staff redundant as they do not have the computer skills to use social networking sites such as facebook and Twitter.
Intelligence chiefs said the main terrorist threat comes from islamic extremists who use the internet to plan their attacks.Mike.
Jimmy said…
Never mind
I have a prob

my new girl friend is in AUS
want to send her a gift by courier

was thinking of smuggling in a 100 dollar note in the pages of the Kamasutra

but what is the currency in use in AUS ?

If I send Indian Ruppees can u change it?
Vest said…
Jimmy: No suggestion here, I shall email you in the morning.
Jimmy said…
this is interesting ...

I have made some amazing friends here, friends who are kind, gentle and understanding, they perk me up when i m down, they laugh with me, they share with me, they truly understand me..... i laugh with them and share a lot of witty repartee....i cry with them and advise them when needed....these men are gentlemen...who have not crossed the boundaries of respect. they remain special for who they are and the warmth of friendship that they have brought into my life....
Jimmy said…
was she referring to our LD Lawyer?
Jimmy said…
OH YOU MEN ON TAGGED!:When you write me porn, send me porn you should understand that i base friendships on wit, intellect and sensitivity. I am not interested in your phone nos. nor am i interested in giving you mine....y should i...u r but a stranger to me...i am not interested in even chatting with you as my groin does not dictate my life but my brains do n in the interim if my heart is involved it is so much sweeter...

my thoughts are my own and they are not an invitation to amuse your sordid brains...

my feelings are precious to me n why should i allow you to plunder them for your satisfaction...

what u ask of me is an useless activity which may feel manly to you but is actually so demeaning to yourself that you dont even realise the absolute lack of dignity you portray in the fact that you seem to want to offer yourself up as a prized heifer when you are nothing but an ass....

so glory to you and your pathetically cheap animalistic existence. you beg like a dog and speak like a town clown....anyways to each his own...but this is my opinion of you
WALLY. said…

A sydney solicitor jailed for making a fake copy of a costs agreement in a dispute withan ex client, has been struck off the solicitors roll.
The NSW Court of Appeal declared yesterday that Leon Nikolaidis was guilty of professional misconduct and not a fit and proper person to remain on the roll of local lawyers of NSW Supreme Court.
Nikolaidis, 54, was jailed in 2007 for at least a year after being found guilty of fraud involving a disputed $95,000 bill.
He is one of 95% of all lawyers who give the other 5% a bad name.
CA. said…
Jimmy said…
In INDIA not many guys approach the courts for Justice

we prefer instant justice by the local Underworld Don

the court will take at least 10 years to give u justice

and if u r fighting against a Ministers son

u wont win
see the rape cases in GOA
Amy.. Swansea. said…
One could do better talking to a rocking horse, Ha Ha.
I know many like that.

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