Snail Mail is becoming Slower

Last week I received a letter on Thursday which had been posted locally on Tuesday by a person who does not have a computer and lives two minutes bike ride distant. I informed him that he should engage the more speedier services of the Town Crier.
I recall being in Singapore in the fifties , when a letter posted in London UK and collected for delivery at 9:AM, would reach the recipient within 48 Hours at 4:30 PM - GH time in Singapore.
Sadly, due to the 'De-Havilland Comet (The first jet airliner,British) disappearing en-route a couple of times, the service back peddled to the half speed Bristol Britannia aircraft, which I also recall taking twenty eight hours in 1962, to travel the 8,300 miles to HongKong from London, including two hours both in Istanbul and New Delhi. Plus a wife and three children to provide entertainment during the journey.
In NSW Australia, we have five mail deliveries each week, no Sats or Suns, and I am reliably informed that it is due to the laggardly pace of today's human beings.
Posting a local letter where I live on a Friday at 5 PM; may with luck arrive on Monday, but expect it on Tuesday.
So it has slackened from approx three days delivery to the UK from Oz in the 60's to its present seven to nine days. So it is hardly left to wonder why postal services are decreasing World Wide. Get with it, no-one is too old, get yourself a POOTER.

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Having the last say, particularly to Andrew 'B' Esq, the bane of misspellers.(Is that a word.)

It is in vain to set up a language police to prevent developments. (I have always suspected that correctness is the last refuge of those who have nothing to say.
English usage is sometimes more than mere taste, judgement, and education - sometimes it is sheer luck, like crossing a street.)


Anonymous said…
We still have Saturday delivery here in N.Z. but not sure for how much longer. About all I get in the post these days is (unwelcome) bills. The slower they arrive, the better. Lol!
Jimmy said…
u still use snail mail?

every body has latched on to HOTT mail

even A
Jimmy said…
The good times are here again

Karen is back with a bang
at her old site wackocrazy

she got me wacking again
where is Michelle and PUGS?

remember the time?
we took to fists over Karen
or was it Michelle?

rumor says they got hitched
hope it aint true

I still have the hottz 4her
how about u?
Jimmy said…
I 4got

Rm and your brats read your blog
does it matter?

u only live once
Vest said…
Jimmy; Snail mail inward plenty, Outgoing mainly formal greeting cards and officialdom.

Took to fists with you! In your dreams mate. Got the wrong guy.
Wouldn't enamour myself with the likes of the local bikes you fell for. Also it is unnecessary to inform readers that you are whacking your willy wonker, it has been common knowledge for ages.
Jimmy said…
Oh Lord
your memory is failing

its part of ageing I suppose
I too forget things

like looking for my specs
when it is on my nose

but I can never forget the time u sent your hordes of hit men to get me

they called me names
shit stain and worse

and u tot I was the boy at Wankhede Stadium serving u Britishers chai

and getting u local girls at a price
Jimmy said…
and if u apologize now
I wont tell Rm more
Vest said…
Jimmy: What do I have to apologize for, I have always been pleasant to you. Puggs is the Guy you need to chase up, the queer RFA cook who frequented with transvestites in Bugis Street Singapore, he gave you plenty when I sent him on a mission to Mumbai to remove your testimonials, but was appeased by your offering him cheap sex such as 60 year old Bombay bikes at 10 annas a bonk.
Sorry sport, but R M and I are conditioned to believe each other unconditionally, even in the pure light of day. KMA.
Anonymous said…
This is fair dinkum sport.

An Aboriginal man in Alice Springs goes to the doctor with a problem - he just can't stop jogging or stand still !

‘Hey white doctor” says the Blackman. “What ya think is makin’ me run all over the place. It's too puckin’ hot for dat shit.”
The doctor says ” It's got me beat but hey I might have a cure.”
The doctor puts two rows of white powder on his desk and tells the Abo to snort them.
The black man does as the doctor asks and immediately stops jogging up and down and stands dead still.
'Puck me drunk it worked. Is that cocaine?' he asks the doctor.
'No' the doctor replies. 'It's Omo - guaranteed to stop coloureds from running.' !!!

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