Playing Tricks On Broomsticks.

Vest said...
Observing the full moon last night an eerie apparition came into full view - its spine chilling reminder of an old acquaintence in full Salem regalia drinking rum and coke with fag in hand astride a V8 baton swartz with long splayed out tail brush displaying Minnesota rego plates being chased by a barking mad Hairy Dawg.
Fearfully I slammed the window shut after projecting my half empty bottle of J D at said apparition and retired to bed in a cold sweat.


Jimmy said…
u r craxy
u musta have been drunk
Vest said…
Arn't we all Jimmy boy. However I am keeping my faculties on a tight leash.
Vest said…
Jimmy: wotyermean my time has come?
I awoke rampant from restless slumber to discover the adjacent half of the nest untenanted and er indoors doing the dobeying downstairs. I suppose = to another 4.5 mile walk would leave me totally stuffed for the remainder of the day.

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