Once again GUNS Menace our Society.

No need to give details of the latest atrocities splattered all over the galaxy news broadcasts.

This time it is Germany's turn to shed juvenile blood, closely followed by Unclesamland determined not to be outdone by lesser gun loony nations.

Of course 'Lest we forget" the mayhem created by our own product of shame, the one and only patriarch of Gun killing loonies; Martin Bryant, who like many Tasmanians born with two heads accused each other in turn for orchestrating the tazzy massacre of 35 souls.

Guns menace our society.
The overwhelming majority of gun owners are responsible, respectful members of our community. they take care to register their weapons - note that I said weapons, because killing machines they are and in the hands of loonies we will inevitably continue to switch on to the breakfast time news of further killings. Yet it is natural for there to be widespread concern over the sheer number of guns kept in NSW Australia.
For reasons nobody can fully explain, Guns are flying off the gun shop shelves.
Some will argue no problem exists as long as safety rules are followed and the correct precautions taken.
But it is surely a matter of simple logic that the more guns there are, the greater the chance of a gun related death or injury. Currently the good ole boys in the US of A and a few women gun nutters from Minnesota hold the unapproachable record off death by gunshot injuries.
Accidents involving guns are rarely mild. As we saw in the case of 14-year-old Josef Cruickshank, fatally shot by a younger friend in December.
Gun owners, more than most of us, will be aware that it takes only one irresponsible or unbalanced individual to wreak unholy havoc with a firearm.
We must ask that they remain vigilant and ensure mistakes are not committed.

Everyone have a safe weekend, my w/e starts on Thursday's...????? No I am not Jewish.


Anonymous said…
I agree. What is most worrying is the trend towards guns that maximise damage and are semi-automatic. They are not self-defense weapons or recreational weapons, but killing field weapons. They shouldn't be allowed to be sold.
Jimmy said…
if men had no penis
there wud be no rape
Anonymous said…
Jimmy, Then there would be the end of humanity without an end, no more rape but many more ape.
Confucious say "Men without weapons will kill human race.
Vest said…
1996:Friday March 13.
Lone gunman Thomas Hamilton,43, goes on a shooting spree at a school in Dunblane, Scotland, killing 16 children and their teacher.
More food for thought, for wretched gun owners.
Jimmy said…
before guns
men used knives

shud we have stopped making knives?
Jimmy said…
the surgeon uses knife to cut and heal
Vest said…
Jimmy: A crazy person would have to stab another person several times during the time it would take a Nutter with a semi automatic rifle to murder up to fifty or more. In any case, other designated victims of the stabber would be long gone before he could turn his attention to them.
Jimmy said…
shud we ban porn sites?

porn is a healthy substitute for VIAGARA, with no side effects
Jimmy said…
if no guns
the crazy person will use chemical weapons

more deadly
more range
more death toll
Anonymous said…
best funny post iv'e read for some time.

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