AT MIDNIGHT on the 14th day of the merry month of May in 1948, the British Mandate of Palestine became the State of Israel. From that time onward to the present, it has been engaged in bitter conflict with its Arab neighbours. Never before in the history of Great Britain has such joy been experienced by the the ceding of Palestine to its new mob of incompetent administrators.
In 30 hours of posting this , Israel 's citizens will be doing a count down at midnight to celebrate the 60th year of the state of Israel , But sadly the rest of the world will wonder for what, what have they achieved apart from keeping the friction with their neighbours on the boil for sixty bloodthirsty years. Sorry if you disagree, but that is how I see it. Much publicity about the Exodus goings on prior to this event have been experienced recorded and written about. also a poorly made film made its appearance describing the trials and tribulations of the thousands of European Jews, and their efforts to get to the promised land. There were several British warships involved with the onerous task of controlling the intake of these distressed people. The main reason for the UN sanctioned number of 1,000 arrivals to Palestine per month was simply a logistical exercise of trying ones best to find food shelter and jobs for these people, this was a matter for strict expediency , or lose total control of the situation. the system worked in principle , however, a few so called illegal migrants ships flying the White Star of David managed to break the blockade. Many ships of various sizes were stopped and boarded by crews from the Brit Navy ships, those young sailors were not a bunch of fascist bastards but gentle and caring in the way they performed their tasks, I was personally involved on five occasions, and the largest ship boarded was the 'Pan Crescent' which with the 'Pan York' had sailed from a Bulgarian port in the Black Sea, each of these ships carried 7,000 souls., I was one of the twelve in the boarding crew. The vast majority of these unfortunate souls wound up in camps on the island of Cyprus to await their turn for their final journey to the promised land. The last British warship to leave Palestine from the port of Haifa, was the 8,000 ton Colony class Cruiser the HMS Mauritius; commanded by Capt (Lord) Ashbourne R N, and of course yours truly who listened to the sound of pinging bullets and the whanging of our torn berthing wires being ripped from the bollards on the dockside as we departed that rainy morning on Palestine's final day. Shalom. VEST.
For more info, Google. 'The Recognition of the State of Israel' also 'Pan York and Pan Crescent'.


Anonymous said…
the state of Israel was imposed on Arab land by the British and the Allies

and thus began the middle east crisis

and Palestine
and hatred for the US of A
Anonymous said…
Hamas resists Israel recognition

Hamas says all of Israel is built on occupied Palestinian land
Vest said…
Another excerpt from vests memoirs.

It was Wednesday, 20 November 1947, the ‘Royal Wedding of Philip and Elizabeth.’ That day, I sailed on HMS Illustrious to Malta as crew replacement for HMS Mauritius, which I joined on 27 November. I then took a boarding course on how to maim some poor bloke in several easy lessons. The ship had boarded many illegal migrant ships that were attempting to get into Palestine, then a British Mandate. Only one thousand people per month were allowed – first come first served – because the infrastructure was unable to supply jobs or accommodation for a greater number. The rest were interned in Cyprus, to await their turn.
1947 – 1948 – HMS Mauritius
During this period, others and I boarded one illegal boat containing about three hundred men. Their large banner proclaimed they were recruits for the Hagana Movement, one of David Bengurion’s factions in Palestine (now Israel.) I was ordered to remove a person from the wheelhouse. I mounted several steps, opened the door, and directed him to leave. As he left going down the steps, the door behind me slammed into my back and I went flying to the deck.
“Are you hurt?” I was asked.
“No sir,” I replied.
“Well, get the bastard down then.” So up I went. I pointed my gun in his face and he complied. Before going down the steps, I embarrassed him by slapping his wrist and saying loudly, “You naughty boy!” which was well understood by most of the mob below who had a good laugh. It ‘broke the ice’ and nearly my neck. Cigarettes were passed around to everyone. Their smiles made me less apprehensive. I was not yet twenty-two years of age and a non-smoker.
A few moments later, I discovered I had sprained my left ankle – fortunately not the one I had previously broken. I earned another superior award from our Captain, ‘Lord Ashbourne’ for my efforts with the boarding party. Our Captain was one of the finest.

It was Christmas Eve, 1947. While on shore patrol on the jetty in Piraeus – the port near Athens in Greece where our ship was berthed – I was confronted by a tall Royal Marine who was drunk and very disagreeable. He grabbed me and then bit my finger. I very politely whacked him several times with my entrenching halve. Two US Marines from US Navy Ship’ Little Rock,’ which was berthed nearby, got rid of the halve and subdued him. My finger throbbed for days.
Shortly after Christmas, the ship sailed for the Greek island of Porus, where we stayed for a few days for shore leave. We waited for two illegal immigrant ships flying the white Star of David flag. When they saw us, they separated. HMS Phoebe soon arrived. Eventually, both ships stopped. ‘Pan Crescent’ and ‘Pan York’ were both boarded. There were over seven thousand souls on each ship. The toilets hung over the sides of the ships. The smell emanating from the holds was not much better. The twelve-man-boarding crew from HMS Phoebe boarded one ship and we boarded the other. After the passengers were put ashore at Famagusta, Cyprus, we returned to our parent ships. I discovered I had the biggest dose of itching crabs ever.
On 14 May 1948, after several other incidents, we said “Goodbye” to Haifa in Palestine and the best of luck to you, David Ben-Gurion. On 15 May 1948, Palestine became the state of Israel.
The ship then sailed for Portsmouth, England and was decommissioned.
Jim said…
one thing nice about being an oldie
u have many memories

and u see history
before it is written

my oldest historical memory
was of the liberation of GOA

and the Suez Canal embargo
and Naser
and Jawaharlal Nehru

MK Gandhi was assassinated before I was born

but i was there when Indira gandhi was assassinated

I was around when LTTE was formed
I was there when IPKF went into sri Lanka and took a beating

and Rajiv gandhi was assassinated
and Sanjay Gandhi died in a copter crash

I was there at the Pokhran Blast when india went nuclear

but unlike VEST i was not physically present

I just read the papers
and preserved the clippings
Jim said…
tell us more VEST
u r a great his story writer
Anonymous said…
the only event I saw LIVE was the destruction of WORLD TRADE CENTRE

I cheered
the americans deserved it I thought

USA has been fighting wars in VIETNAM AFGHANISTAN IRAQ

but never on its own territory
the american citizens had to experience the horrors of WAR

Anonymous said…
America financed and trained OSAMA and PAKISTAN

and our poor jawans were being killed by terrorist attacks from Pakistanis
Jim said…

be a hippy in GOA

lay down your arms VEST
hang up your boots

and wear some flowers in your hair
why only RM

u can too
Vest said…
Jim: You mentioned the Suez embargo.1956.
You will begin to think I was a serial fall guy to become embroiled in that complete cock-up.
Well I'll keep that little episode in my colourful life under wraps until Nov 4 comes around.
Did I hear everyone say "I can hardly wait".

Allthough I am now a pacifist I refuse to wear flowers in my hair, enough of that gender around without contributing to it. Ah !! I get it; Its because the pacific ocean lies less than half a mile from where I live, how silly of me why did I not think of that.

Anon: 'Allah Ho Akbar' indeed. It is people of your ilk - those who get it off with the glorification of human conflict and are too cowardly to present themselves within the vanguard of their force and tend to slink off to the rear and desert their fallen comrades.
Anthony said…
I agree with my old man

The first Hippie is said to have been a drop-out
Jewish carpenter, named Jesus ("The Nazz") .

He rebuked the state approved religious leaders of his time and instructed his disciples to sell what they had,
give to the poor and follow him,
preaching and teaching the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.

His disciples are a priesthood of believers (male and female) filled with the Holy Ghost (Spirit of Truth).

It is not a popular message with the rich and powerful
or those that want to be.
Anthony said…
if u fight my old man
i will fight u

be warned
Rosemary if u love your man
tell him to lay off
Anthony said…
tell now Vest
Nov 4 is a long way off

u may not be around then
and my old man

by the way I am getting married on Feb 21 2009

u r invited with Rosemary
dont come alone

says my dad
Anonymous said…
The conflict in the Middle East goes back way further than the establishment of the State of Israel ... back to biblical times in fact. I say good on Israel for having the guts to stand up to a world that treated them like crap and taking back what was theirs.
The Arabic world can hiss and spit all it likes, but they will all have to learn to live side by side or hello WW3.
And they say history never repeats! I laugh at that!
Anonymous said…
I am sure the US could have absorbed these zionists into their fold instead of Palestine, then America would have even more jews to control the media radio film and TV industries 95% of which are jews, in ordinary life portrayed in those industries the names of charactors are jewish in the main especially in the us film industry. where every third person is a jennifer, larry, Ben , sam, or sarah, it pisses me off that they are so pushy and as well as isolated, it is little wonder they are disliked, they isolate themselves with their nepotism. and couldn't give a shit for non jews. it seems being jewish is like a inherent disease among humanity.
Anonymous said…
Q. What did the sign on the door of the whorehouse say?

A. Beat it! We're closed.
Vest said…
On a serious note I sincerely hope I have not offended any one by writing this post, we are entitled to a free opinion without being abusive, I am not anti semetic neither am I an overboard Christian and I remember once (prior to International umpiring) suggesting the Israeli's were the most patriotic people on earth with the exception of Australian cricket umpires.
A friend I have known for a number of years I met through a client of mine in the eighties, this person a Mrs B----t
who lived on the Sydney North Shore, on a Battleaxe block In a large house with 4Bed/r & 4Bth/r and a pekinese dog, introduced me to Dave B----t, a frequent visitor to this blog who is currently visiting relo's in the P/Land,
Who informed me; he and members of his family finaly made it to Israel on the 'Pan York' (renamed 'Kibbutz Galuyot)late May 1948 he was thirteen at the time. When in Australia he resides now in Castle Hill, NSW.

Now the punchline; MY,
Grt/Gr/Mother surname Cohen married Albert B----r, a gentile. whose son Albert married my grandma whose was also semetic with the name of Cohen(not related?), Their Son Reuben (My daddy)married my Mother, Victoria Violet Maude Stevens a gentile.

So there you have it, OK.

Oh BTW The Sydney Newspapers hardly mentioned this 60th Ann event.

Anyhow, whatever your genetic make up, have a happy neighbourly day.
Keshi said…
come check out my Reward post Vesty :)


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