So what is your normal weekday schedule?

Discounting shopping and visits to our local witch doctor, my normal day starts with a 500ml glass of filtered-boiled and refrigerated tap water, repeated midday. breakfast usually an apple followed by cereal + tea or coffee with lite milk and non sugar sweetener. Approx about eight am read daily paper The Sydney Daily Telegraph (delivered) followed by an Email check on my blog site, half hour minimum.
I am not an accredited Chef , however, I have after a number of years in retirement; rudimentary skills which put me in charge of the main meal of the day , meaning dinner which is usually around five pm.
Apart from Fish twice per week (Health food) We have a variety of vegetables mostly fresh or frozen, Seven or more differing vegie's each day from a choice of twenty or more(never boring) we rarely have the same meat accompaniment within a ten day period.
The Missus deals with the desert, Lunch and snacks also Most of the domestic chores. I am the designated gardener; which produces 25% of our fresh Vegies which are grown in our back garden and fertilised from the liquid Worm castings produced by three worm farms(2000 Worms at the back of the shed) these in turn are fed with kitchen waste and trimmings from
From time to time I spend about one and a half hours daily blogging and sometimes(mostly) have an afternoon nap.
I usually watch TV after dinner, mostly Quiz programs, most TV sport bores me to tears.
Today our lawn mower St Yu Bstd was playing up again, spent two hours trying to fix it, so it will have go if it can't go, anyhow it's ten years old.
The three cats belonging to my serial prodigal son dumped on us to feed and care for, although quite sociable, they do tend to dig anywhere that I plant seeds. So, early this morning 10 am I had a great idea. I trimmed a thorny(big thorns some over an inch) Bush Lemon Tree, and using some long leafed Suckers and small branches(I said Suckers) I placed these around the garden plot perimeters a foot thick. So far we have no takers; or will I be their hero and pull a thorn from these wee tigers paws.
Tomorrow my Beautiful Gr/daughter Tamara Rose will be fifteen years old, Happy Birthday Gorgeous XXX.
Despite the pommie joke; I shall now take a shower-second today, then afterwards watch a movie on foxtel or play UNO with my beloved which I usually win about four out of five, then after drinkies I shall retire to the boudoir(to sleep) and wake refreshed for the usual forthcoming weekend festivities. Ta For Now. Everyone have a pleasant weekend.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like an idyllic lifestyle Vest. And no wonder you enjoy a good long life with all that home grown fruit and veg. Good for you.
I still work, so my days are mostly spent there, except during school hols.
I'm with you on "hate sport" TV.
Enjoy your week.
Anonymous said…
Tamara Rose
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet fifteen

hurry up life is more fun at 18
when u become an adult
and u dont have to lissen to your old man
Anonymous said…
I wud love to no about Ks day

go to work
give a sweet smile to the boss
and blog on office time
from 9 AM to 12 AM
Luch break
contninue blogging till closing time

give a sweet smile to the boss again before going home
Vest said…
Anonymous: A little Jealousy creeping in there. K as you say has a soft job, well bully for her mate,as it pleases me she has a great Boss and cushy work conditions.

Aggie: pleased you enjoyed yor Hol in Japan the pics were great.
I am in the market for a fatted calf should serial prodigal son return to roost. I am hoping he will be here for his daughters birthday party.X.
Keshi said…
u hv a good life Vesty cos ur a good man.

Tamara Rose, HAPPY BIRTHDAY luv!

Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
my days and nights ...

wake up at 4 AM
heckle Vest and the Xs in my life

business blogging
send emails to all the Xs

at 7 AM go to church to see Clara and other holy hott women

check my appointments for the day
work is funn for me
I enjoy my work
at every clients place I have a love interest harmless flirting no action

I dont get real sex I am divorced
I envy Vest

he has rm
I have no one

My sex is all virtual
I am mortally afraid of real sex and AIDS

I return home from work at 8 PM
and again get on the net till 11PM

the only close friend I have in the real world is Willie and his wife Veera with whom I flirt

we drink together whenever we meet
Veera makes the snacks to go with the drinks

Willie is a great guy
he dont mind me flirting with Veera
Received 12:04pm
Edited by Vest 1:27pm
Vest said…
I wonder how many more times must I ask people who comment here not to pass adverse remarks about others who comment on this blog that they dont see eye to eye with. In this instance I refer to the previous anon, The large X; the left arm and leg of the X which was formerly straight.

BTW: People comment anonymously will run the the risk of anonymous criticism.
No one is ever too old to know better.
Anonymous said…
All has been revealed, we now know for certain that the last anonytwit is an habitual wanker.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday Tamara Rose x.
Anonymous said…
Awe Amy I wanted to say that.

hello bootiful Tamara Rose- a big kiss for yor burfday darrrrling XOXOX
Anonymous said…
habitual wanker thats me.

but it has its benefits
I can make love to any woman I fancy

and no performance anxiety

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