Israel may struggle for peace, but its Sex Trade is Flourishing,The Daily Gaggle correspondent Izzy Dave reports from Tel Aviv.

Yitzhak was lucky to get the parking spot along Tel Aviv's fashionable Ben Yehuda Street. It was after all thursday night and the traffic was bustling. Rolling up the windows of his Ford Sierra, he tossed his newspaper in the child's seat; pulled out his phone and called his home. " Hi Honey, I'm just going to pick up some groceries and head home". then walking passed the flower shop and the supermarket he he headed into a seemingly innocuous apartment building proclaiming the words"Mo'adon Briut" or Health Club. Yitzhac entered the foyer, decorated in red velvet and yellow lights, where four scantily dressed women sat smoking and drinking tea. Yitzhak pointed to a well-endowed blonde female, well into her forties. The woman took Yitzhak into a back cubicle, complete with massage table and adorned with sexy pin-ups,for the sales pitch. "Hi Sweetie," she began in a heavy Russian accent, "My name is Lana. A blow job is 120 shekels straight sex is 100 shekels, a bisexual show is 150 shekels and two women will cost you 250 shekels."
Ten minutes later Yitzhak gets a kiss from Lana as he hands her a 20 shekel tip and emerges from the health club zipping his pants and checking his wallet is still in his back pocket.
On that summer Thursday night in Tel Aviv, Yitzhak just happened to be one of the many hundreds of Israeli men who escaped work or wives in order to pay for sex. Prostitution, has become an Israeli national pastime and obsession. Next to the stock market and the diamond business, it is one of Israels fastest growing industries. And, many fear, it is a time-bomb waiting to go off in a country renowned for explosions.
Tel Aviv, once a sleepy town by the sea, has always been the centre of Israeli night life but has now become Israels sexual capital where street walkers, call girls and lap dancers service a clientele ranging from husbands to Rabbis, soldiers to guest workers. this growth industry plus sado-masochistic brothels and sex clubs advertise in Israels most prominent newspapers, offering every thing from phone sex in Arabic to large Russian bisexuals for 300 shekels an hour.
"Its absolutely incredible." claims a cynical Tel Aviv detective, Imagine hookers placing adds in the London and the New York Times. This doesn't happen anywhere than this nuthouse of a country,"( obviously he has never read the Sydney daily telegraph and the local rag Express bi wkly.)
"Each night I bring with me a carton of 60 condoms.' claims Michal, a seasoned pro with a battered face who works the twisted alleyways behind the bustling Ramat Gan stock exchange. "When the carton is empty, I've made my nights fill and then I go home.
Perhaps even more interesting than the women(and men in drag) Who sell themselves in Tel Aviv are their clients. A good percentage of the men are Ultra Orthodox Jews, pious men who follow the Halacha, the law that guides Jewish life, including when a man can and cannot have sex with his wife: the Halacha also dictates that these men cannot be with 'harlots' in their own city.
So, on Thursday afternoons (boy's night out in Israel), bus loads of Ultra Orthodox Jews travel from Jerusalem, Haifa and points beyond to Tel Aviv for a few moments of passion in a massage parlour, behind a sand dune or in an alleyway.
Others are soldiers, 18-year old conscripts and 50 year old reservists heading home to wife and kids from a stint along the Lebanese border. others are accountants, teachers and lawyers, policemen and politicians.
At the other end of the spectrum is Tel Aviv's seaside and ultra-chic Ha Yarkon street where there is a 200 shekel a trick massage parlour next door to the labor party HQ. last June the pm went there for a meeting with his ministers , the masseuses at the Establishment asked the bodyguards to move their bullet proof cars as it was turning customers away.
Arab prostitutes in order to survive need to service both sides of the Arab-Israeli equation, though some find their Jewish customers only come to them after some major incident involving terrorism in order to get their own brand of sexual revenge.
The question arises, was all that pandemonium in the forties really a rush to get to the land of everlasting bonking?.


Anonymous said…
Where do you find this stuff Vest? Sounds like any other Capital City of the World to me. The world is full of hypocritical males ... tell us something we don't know.
As I said in a previous post ... history tends to repeat, given long enough. Helloooooooo Sodom & Gomorrah! Lol!
Vest said…
Aggie: It's hard to believe sedate old windy Wellington bods are into that malarky. Now don't you be a looking fair damsel, lest thee would be a block of salt.
Jim said…
for an atheist
u have read a lotta Bible
Vest said…
Jim: It is called 'Knowing thy enemy'.
Vest said…
Another excerpt from my memoirs.
I was about fourteen years old when I was confirmed into the Church of England and learned the catechism and Christian principles. I also learned not to ask adverse questions about the teachings of the Bible. Our holy man had a heavy hand. He told us that blind faith in the Lord would guide us through our lives, and that the lack of faith in Christianity was an unpardonable sin. When I asked Reverend “Holy” Harling if his faith would save him if he jumped off a cliff after praying for safety, he chased me round the schoolroom waving his cane. The malevolent use of the ‘unpardonable sin’ doctrine years ago by Christian churches justified their mass murdering, torturing, and burning of people at the stake. Holy Harling was the reincarnation of Dracon 659- 601 BC.

My nose had detected that the Bishop who conducted the confirmation ceremony had been at the sacramental wine. Only once did I attend Holy Communion. I just couldn’t swallow the dogma. The thought of drinking the blood of Christ and eating his body were inhuman and repulsive to me.
An older person replaced gunner Marten, who I mentioned earlier. Since war and brutality were the things he enjoyed the most, Gunner had volunteered to become involved in the war in 1939. It also provided him with an opportunity to escape from his harridan of a wife who constantly berated him with tongue-lashings. Mr Marten would then take it out on us suffering boys. My wish for Gunner’s demise on Dec 22, 1936, when he thrashed me unmercifully, came to fruition in 1940 when he departed this world. He was killed in action doing what he did best. It was a sad end for a sad bloke. “Sorry, Mr Marten. It was said in the heat of the moment and it did hurt.”
Now Mr Long, who was Gunner’s successor and had a continual drip at the end of his nose, was a weirdo ex-Royal Navy gunner’s mate. About sixty-odd years of age, Mr Long was not as strict as his predecessor, but an occasional thump on the head and ‘Pay attention!’ kept us on our toes. I could hardly understand the gobbledegook he came out with, such as naval gunnery instructional information that had been superseded long before WW1. Occasionally, we would laugh at something funny he had said. At least I assumed it was funny, as everyone else was laughing. My mind was usually on other things, as I found Mr Long’s chuntering brutally boring.
Anonymous said…
Jesus is not fixated on sex
not loving thy neighbor is a greater sin

Jesus thrashed and trashed the Old Testament

Read the New Testament of Jesus
Jim said…
Vest and Rosemary and brood
Lower Deck lawyer

u guys are invited to my sons marriage on Feb 21 2009
Mumbai India
will entertain u guys in Goa
Jim said…
Jim said…
any friend of Vest and rosemary
is a friend of mine

all are invited

Kate, etc
Vest said…
I am not feeling well. I have a cold and sneezing also slight headaches to add to the misery. Everyone have a great weekend, back later.
Anonymous said…
Get well soon Vesy
Vest said…
Rosemary is now in charge, so no rude stuff, ok.
Anonymous said…
OK Rosemary
Jim said…
please visit my friend Heather
she needs help


Anonymous said…
Arab prostitutes in order to survive need to service both sides of the Arab-Israeli equation, though some find their Jewish customers only come to them after some major incident involving terrorism in order to get their own brand of sexual revenge.

Anonymous said…
How is VEST doing Rosemary?
Anonymous said…
Anon. Vest is not a well man. The doc will be seeing Hubby soon. thank you for your enquiry.
Anonymous said…
Dont worry Rosemary
even though Vest is an atheist
we pray for him

He will be OK soon
Jim said…
u dont have to love Jesus
for Jesus to love u
His love is unconditional

God loves Vest
he does many good works
it dont matter that he is an atheist

just tell him to love his neighbor
not just his neighbors wife
Anonymous said…
Ja nie nienawidzÄ™ Dave
Anonymous said…
Anon, I have just moments ago spoken to I Dave in Castle Hill, who read the last comment, he says that he is of Austrian/Hungarian descent, definitely not Polish.

Sick News. Hubby Vest is far from 100%. However we are not in mourning for the past, worrying about the future or anticipating problems but trying to live in the present wisely and earnestly. R.
Anonymous said…
The Jews (most of them from Israel)are the worlds bankers.

If this keeps up, soon they will know more about Bonking than Banking.
Anonymous said…
How is VEST doing Rosemary?

I can answer that....

He is getting on top of things......


(a different anonymous, being myself)

wrote in relation to the story titled:
Israel may struggle for peace, but its Sex Trade is Flourishing,The Daily Gaggle correspondent Izzy Dave reports from Tel Aviv

The jews (most of them from Israel)
Control the worlds money.

Very soon they will know more about Bonking than Banking

Very best wishes to Vest and the lovely Rosemary

ims@unwired (Andrew)

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