Lots of Blood- cuts and bruises, still in pain. Not a great weekend.

Rosemary and I visited our son Andrew and his wife Samantha and their two Beautiful children Aleisha and Charlotte at 'Kurrajong' NSW last Friday Feb 8. We were expecting to leave for home the following morning, however, things did not pan out as expected.

Although we had visited before, we had never stayed overnight. Their rented  house was formerly a sandstone cottage which had been renovated the stonework had been rendered and painted and with the new additions was on two-plus levels.

We had dinner and  watched sport On the TV in the evening also a movie titled 'The Texas Chain Saw Murders', and then near midnight we retired to bed.

The following morning around 8:30, Rosemary used the bathroom and showered and around 9 am called me to say the bathroom was available. I then donned a pair of trackpants and was heading for the bathroom with a towel in one hand and a toiletries bag in the other hand then it happened.

Not noticing that the floor outside of the bedroom we had slept in was six inches (15cm) lower than the bedroom floor;  I stepped out and stumbled forward and out of control, within one second of stumbling forward my body and mainly my Skull struck the said wall mentioned earlier.

Andrew's daughter (toddler) Charlotte witnessed the accident and went off for help, the other family members arrived and stemmed the flow of blood from my head with a damp towel (About two and a half headfulls) also called for the ambulance, somehow I had remained conscious but had the shakes and on the way to the hospital with Rosemary my nearest and dearest; I was asked to keep talking to stay awake.

On arrival at the Hawkesbury Hospital (Real nice place) I was cleaned up and had a jab and answered a miriad of questions, then I had my chest X Ray and a CAT Scan then shortly after wound up on the Op/ table. I now am the proud owner of a damaged right eye socket and fifteen or more stitches in my head and black and blue bruises mainly on the Starboard side (Rightside), the Port side light (left eye) is working but the right is on the blink and leaking a lot, my right shoulder aches a fair bit and I have a few scratches. My two day stay under observation at the hospital were sleepless periods, the staff were great but those trolley beds are not comfortable to say the least. The Maltese R/C bloke in the opposite bed explained that if I had been a paid up Christian my accident would never had happened; which left me wondering why he was having a knee replacement at 58 years of age. so without any help from the almighty I discharged myself after a bit of bickering at 11:am on Mon : Jan : 11.
Rosemary and I were driven home late on Monday by Samantha; in our car and Samantha was taken home by Andrew who had followed.

I am only two mins walk to our Doc, and at the present moment the pain is less after taking one of those painkillers so all is as well as it can be. Our doctor was rather cynical about my explanation of the accident. Our local Doctor (GP) has monopoly in our community but a necessity mainly because of his closeness to our home.

Chris my son suggested I shove a bolt through my neck to complete the picture( "You Rang").

Will keep you posted on my recovery? 'Have a pleasant forthcoming weekend, Vest.


Lord Sedgwick said…
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Lord Sedgwick said…
You silly ole bugger.

I've got a shed full of outdated Zimmer frames free to a good home.

(Of course you're going to get a truck load of stat decs to establish the 'good' bit.)
Anonymous said…
Well hello Hermann! That's a beauty as they say! I hope you get well real soon. I guess thats a rather novel way to christen the rellies new home. Ouch!
All my sympathy ... and make the most of the pain meds.
Jim said…
Holy Shit
u sure are accident prone

u escaped WWII without a scratch
and now u slipped and fell in your own backyard

if u were not in pain i wud have gone hahahahaha

You silly ole bugger,
Anonymous said…
Have just read your latest correspondence, my goodness you have had a rough time recently! Do hope you are fully recovered soon
Deb xxx
P.S. Please send my love to Auntie Rose.
Jay said…
Oh my goodness! You have to love your noggin better than that! Next time you want some drama, rent a movie!
Anonymous said…
Certainly I'm not delighted to hear about you altercation with a stone wall. Though I am relieved that the wall did not win, even though it inflicted some potentially dangerous if not lethal damage. So it is with hope (One of the three Christian virtues) (could someone tell me what the other two are) that you recover to the state of your former self. There are too many (and more than you might imagine) that expect you to be around for a while longer yet. So please take more care.

Before I sign off, the usual editorial comment on your post [Ex Ray and a Cat Scan]

Ex means 'Formerly' or something that is out of fashion What you should have written was X-Ray which is
Electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength. (And as an electronics engineer by profession I assure you that X-Ray is correct) so points deducted for that error on your post.
Cat Scan should be CAT Scan as CAT is an acronym and not a word and has nothing to do with cats.
A CAT Scan -or- CT Scan means (Computerized Axial Tomography) So more points deducted off your post.

Just like when you were at school, the teacher marked your paper with red crosses when you goofed. (translation of goofed = Commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake) Don't do it again, you should know better than that. Otherwise I will be forced to slap your wrist. (and time is seperated by a colon : not a dash, just check your digital clock or the clock on the taskbar of your computer. This is the internationally accepted method of displaying time. Don't place yourself in the catogory of ignorant uneducated twits who don't know that.. It does not become you as a person of some knowledge. Strive for excellence.....

I Invoke upon you my wish to get better and recover from your injury, and mind how you go.

With greets to the entire family..

(The other Andrew) (Not made in Hong Kong)

Vest said…
Lord sedgwick: ta for the offer, but maybe a complete GILLY outfit would be more appropriate in my case, call on you sap.

Aggie: ah sweet Aggie, thank you for your sympathetic message, xxx.

Jim: I am a great survivor, however, surviving is rarely without pain.

Debbie: I am sure I'll be ok soon.
Aunt Rosemary and I would like you to pass this on to your dad, Luvs ya,xxx.

Hi Jay: Hope it didn't scare you. BTW ; love your new pic, xxx

IMS: Andrew, our Andrew suggests we sue him over the incident, any suggestions.
Thanks for your sympathy mate, but I could do without your editing and restructuring of my post, bloggers are aware that we are not sticklers to philistinic grammar and most of the comments I receive are in that vein.
A bible puncher once checked me for my sentence structure, I asked him to check out his prayer and hymn books.
Most of my time on earth has been taken up by earthy practical getting by successfully matters with limited access or the need for scribing and precise articulation, and apart from my present predicament I lead a happy non stressful life and like it that way. But I must remember to use spellcheck.
Your message(With greets to the entire family) wot's greets mate?
Have a lovely weekend Andrew. and remember be more courteous to you elders; lie if the need arises.
Regards, your mate vest.
Anonymous said…
Your mates a wanker
Anonymous said…
Oh dear vesty what have you done, I must come over and kiss you all better, Luvs ya mate, Kate XOXOX
Anonymous said…
Oi IMS, Or Andy Pandy. so your well up with CAT Scans and X Rays, how many Cats do you have to feed and clean up after? I have three.
Anonymous said…
Hope you feel better soon gramps.!!!!

Love kylie
Anonymous said…
is your equipment still functional?
or will RM have to outsource?
Jim said…
u will have to make a lotta sandwiches now
Anonymous said…
Hi there

I just had a look at joyeux_noeljb.pps

It was magnificent, a real work of art.

Thank you very much Vest and the lovely Rosemary.

With sincere best wishes
Andrew (The other one) ims@unwired.

PS. Benny Hill was great too. (I wonder what happened to 'Hills Angels'?)
Vest said…
Wally: U must knot bee rood two mi frends, ok.

Kate: Speed it up , I'm waiting.

Kylie: Thanks.

Anon: I N O Y F B ok.

Jim: Rosemary is unsure of the meaning in your message.

Ims: Google Hills Angels, lots of info there.
Keshi said…
OMG Vesty wut in the world did ya do to ur sweet self?? HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Im so sorry this happened to ya mate. Goshh that looks bad...

plz TC of urself. U deserve better Vesty! I know it's an accident..o well, I had many btw :):)

::HUGS:: Get well soon!

Happy V-day to u too!

Jim Dean said…
If it wasn't for Christmas
The world would be Jewish.

Thank God
but heyyy God

VEST is atheist
will he get fucked on Judgement Day?
Vest said…
Keshi: Thanks for the sympathy.
BTW how are our three kids?xxx.

Jim dean.(judgement day etc)
Providing it is by the Vigin Mary, there will be no complaints.
Keshi said…
lol Vesty Im glad ur sense of humor is in tact. MWAH!

The 3 kids r doin fine...just sent them to the zoo for 2 weeks cos they were driving me nuts. ;-)

Anonymous said…
Oh my, what have you done,just saw the pic, will this be your 'Facebook image'enough to frighten the devil, or that jim nut,keep me posted on your progress. Amy x.
Jim said…

will u be going to heaven?
i hope to get there too

Forget Vest
he is going to hell

u and RM and me
we going to have funn in heaven

while VEST burns
Anonymous said…
There is a quid to be made from this problem of yours. The landlords insurance may provide a substantial sum if pursued.I hope your predicament is improving for the better. Mike.
tqmcintl said…

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Vest said…
Keshi: Sent them to the zoo did you? that will give you a chance to monkey around,x.
LDL: My head is still sore, particularly my ckeek bone. A lot of bruising still, boner ok though.
Feeling much better.

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