Cricket Hero's, hardly mate, Simply a bunch of over paid Dickheads.Hardly setting an example for our youngsters.

Generally the whole sordid bunch of these nose picking, spitting crutch scratchers are well paid Icons doing a job they enjoy.( They are not hero's)They are not putting their life on the line. What they are doing is simply a legal non life threatening way of robbing a Bank.
Most of these nut heads deserve the criticism they receive, mostly due to the cheating which is rife within the game that has the most flexible laws of any sport. Also match fixing is inherent within the game and cannot be ruled out in even the most exposed fixtures.


Matthew Hayden
Wednesday February 27,2008
Matthew Hayden has been charged with a breach of Cricket Australia's code of conduct after describing Harbhajan Singh as an "obnoxious little weed".
Hayden was due to appear before a Cricket Australia hearing in Melbourne. According to a statement from Cricket Australia, he was charged under rules which prohibit "public denigration of other players against whom they have or will play". Hayden exchanged words with Harbhajan during Sunday's Commonwealth Bank Series match at the SCG - just one of a number of spats which have blighted India's tour of Australia. And the Australia batsman said after the game: "It's been a bit of a long battle with Harbhajan. The first time I ever met him he was the same little obnoxious weed that he is now."His record speaks for itself in cricket. There is a certain line that you can kind of go to and then you know where you push it and he just pushes it all the time. "That's why he has been charged more than anyone that's ever played in the history of cricket."Harbhajan, meanwhile, believes Australia are resorting to sledging because they know they are no longer the kings of international cricket. Ishant Sharma and Andrew Symonds also clashed in Sydney and the India youngster was later fined 15% of his match fee for pointing Symonds towards the dressing room after bowling the all-rounder, (Symonds is Cricket Australia's best asset and he is English), but the India team management believe the 19-year-old paceman was provoked and wrote to match referee Jeff Crowe asking him to look into the behaviour of the Australia players. Harbhajan said "The Aussies, maybe they realize that they are no more the undisputed champs, otherwise why would a cricket veteran target a 19-year-old? We have been the ones who got the Aussies on the run this summer." He is right on the spot there.
The problem Australian cricket has, is they are such Bad Losers.
Normally this situation could be dealt with by a smack on the wrist to the defendants( But I believe this is not permitted, due to cricketers behaviour resembling children's petulant behaviour)
So the powers that be slap a $5,000 fine on the dissident player, he then flogs his story to the press and 'bingo' he is off the hook. A more suitable punishment would be a six month absence from the game , which would no doubt have the effect of losing contact with the selectors and who may have replaced him with a new and younger promising player.
It is doubtful if any of these cricketing morons were hatched from a stately home environment, but like their strayer thugby league players who wind up as cabbages in wheelchairs, they like to be 'Putting on the Ritz', Like recently at a cricketers wives fest, in order to present to the black tie adorned; the hateful OZ Air punching and weetbix munching Twit, the Order of Border, a frigging gong perpetrated possibly for ever by some long gone batty batter. Its shocking low ratings on the box, proved that the public were bored to tears with this annual arse licking; which surely could have been sorted out at a Barry Hog Snot Saturday arvo Barby and general sucking pissup, all louts invited.
Nah it aint a Gents sport like in the past, Cricket has become like warfare minus the shooting.
While playing cricket during my time in the services, a mix of differing ranks made sledging impossible, a great deal of caution was necessary, sticking your finger up to a known senior officer or using an insanitary remark might seriously affect one's career. My favourite response having removed a batsman of high rank, would be to smile and clap as he left and add "that was a most remarkable stroke sir -so sorry you missed. However time has changed the game, grovelling is out and abuse now rules the game.
But what really surprises me, about 95% of these cricketers have Saintly Christian names.


Vest said…
Excerpt from Waving Goodbye to a Thousand Flies.1944

Later on, we sailed for the beautiful harbour of Trincomalee, north of Ceylon. Although full of warships, Sober Island was an escape into the jungle for me. Every opportunity I had, I would go exploring. This was something I thoroughly enjoyed. I was then eighteen-and-a-half years old. In later years, I again visited Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), it is really, a very beautiful place.
Christmas in Trincomalee 1944 during WW2 was great, with plenty of sporting activities. I played one game of soccer; but the climate was more suited to swimming. I also played cricket with a team that lost. I had to retire hurt, after I hit a ball that was well placed to the boundary with my bare left hand. Another day I being unable to play, I agreed to umpire a game. One cocky person, who had scored far too many runs and was likely not to give anyone else a chance to bat, was well forward when I gave him out; leg before wicket to a ball missing leg stump. He told me I should wear glasses. I told him he was probably right. (The mystic rules of the game of Cricket leave most people stumped)
Jim said…
But what really surprises me, about 95% of these cricketers have Saintly Christian names.

Watch it Vest
last time u took a nasty knock on the head

this time it might be worse
I read your last post

it seems some cooksie is enamoured to u
How is rosemary taking it?

r u sleeping on the couch now?
Jim said…
Cricket is not just cricket now Vest

its entertainment
the antics of the players is funn to watch

it happens in football too

in boxing too
i remember Muhammad Ali

fly like a bird
sting like a bee

STOP reverting back to the good old days Vest

the times have changed
move with the times

the days of old have gone never to return

live with it
dont cry
Jim said…
Cricket as invented by the silly Britishers was a laid back affair 5 day matches

until Kerry Packer took over and modified the game

one day match with limited overs
that made the game interesting and easy to understand

in a 5 day match it was difficult to figure out who is winning
Anonymous said…
Cricket Hero's, hardly mate, Simply a bunch of over paid Dickheads.Hardly setting an example for our youngsters.

I have known this for years. Cricketers like Alan Bozo (sorry, I mean Border) (just borderline really) and all others.
Same as football/rugby players. All self designated heroes. Not a hero in my book. Risk their life to save others???
Put their life on the line in battle, served in the military knowing that they may be sent into a war zone and not return???

Heroes? My ass.
Second only to football players, and quality of being widely honoured and acclaimed as trouble makers.

Thats why I have little time or interest or support for these overpaid clowns.
You very rarely see golfers or tennis players cause as much trouble (if any) as these idiots.


Finally you have seen the light... There have to be cracks in the system .. That's how the light gets in.
Vest said…
Jim: Ok clever dick. This femme fatale named Cooksie you refer to as being enamoured to yours truly, is none other than a transvestite with the initials S D, and He/She resides opposite to a certain Bus Station in Mumbai. You have been sprung.
tqmcintl said…

tennis too has changed
look at the out fits the women players wear

guys dont come to tennis matches to watch the ball any more

her knickers are far more interesting
tqmcintl said…
Risk their life to save others???
Put their life on the line in battle, served in the military knowing that they may be sent into a war zone and not return???

thats all bull IMS
VEST joined the NAVY to see the world
Jim said…
Patriotism is the last refuge of scounderels
Jim said…
in INDIA the guys who join the army are Sardar-jis
we heard enuff jokes on Sardarjis

these guys are traditional warriors
they can do nothing else

u must really be weak in the head to join the Army

the pay is poor
it takes years to become a GENERAL

one retd. MAJOR GENERAL friend of mine gets a pension of Rs 15K per month

that is peanuts
the President of India is the supreme commander of the defence forces

his pay is Rs 50K per month
u graduate in any discipline and join a call centre

in 4 years your salary will be Rs 30K
Jim said…
I am an iconaclast
I love to dispel myths

some day I will be killed
we need cannon fodder

every nation needs cannon fodder
wars will happen
no matter what

we need men to join the Armed Forces
Jim said…
but the GENERALS are the wise guys
before they retire
they make the settings
the budget for defence in India is really huge

they turn into agents for arms suppliers

there haVE BEEN MANY SCANDAIS in India

over priced coffins
defective guns that dont fire
the BOFORS scandal that haUNTED Rajiv Gandhi all his life

and is still an embarassment for Sonia Gandhi and the Congress Party
Jim said…
I am off to rattle the Keshi now
she is in delusion too
Keshi said…
I agree! The Cricketers' stupid idiotic childish behavior (both Aus and Indian) is a pretty pathetic example to anyone out there!

Anonymous said…
Ah cricket hasn't been quite cricket for a long time now. They are all prima donnas these days.
Vest said…
Went to the club last night, first time in 5 weeks, made more enjoyable when I cheered as the last ugly strayer batsman got clean bowled and Sri Lanka won, I copped some dirty looks, its bad when people can't handle losing.

On a different note: Today the first day of March,the vast majority of sons born in Wales UK will be named David!

Our mistakes of the past are rarely taken into account, and like fools we never learn from them.

Jim: If you behave yourself I may for what good it might bring, pray to your maker for the downfall of the OZ cricket team at the hands of India tomorrow.
Everyone; thanks for your comments.
Have an enjoyable weekend. And for the ladies,XXX.
Anonymous said…
Gods cannot be trusted they tend to change sides too often. Guile or commonsense is far more reliable. Mike.
Anonymous said…
Hi vesty,my boy friend and I have parted. he has turned out to be an asshole.
pleased you are now on the mend. Do you have any sons still looking?
luvs ya xxxx

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