What goes Up In Aussieland is coming Down in Pommyland. Kiwis going down too.

UK news.

HOME Owners hoping for big cuts in mortgage repayments look set to be disappointed tomorrow. Some experts had hoped for a 0.5 per cent drop in the interest rate to five per cent. But the Bank of England now seems likely to reduce it by just 0.25 per cent. If passed on to homeowners, monthly repayments on a £100,000 standard variable mortgage would fall by just £21. Aud$45.00. The opposite situation is happening for Ozstrayers borrowers slugged with an interest rate hike, but for me , soon no doubt I'll pocket another increase on my savings, ha ha.
So it seems the Poms are on a winning streak, beating The Kiwis 3-0 in the three match twenty-20 series, but it was sad to notice the abscence of familiar kiwi players.
Tomorrow I'm off down the coast to visit #4 son & family, and will watch the demise of Ozstrayers 50 over team at the hands of the best ODI team in the world Sri lanka.
Next post on Monday-maybe. Have a wonderful Weekend.


Anonymous said…
Have fun ... I'm still busy packing for my house move.
Vest said…
Hi Aggie: Up early this morning I notice. Just heard on the news about a possible Sky-Jacking of a Air New Zealand Airliner.
Have fun packing, and throw out that good/come in handy later rubbish. x.
Keshi said…
yukkkkk Sri Lanka lost LOL!

Vest said…
As expected, my direct saver a/c has risen by.25per cent.
losers lose, winners win.

Keshi: India beat Strayer, great.
Did not see the game, because Vest did not have a great weekend, and vest is not available for face book or portraits all due to this phenomena, my next post exposes the bizarre incident, clues are profile stitches crimson gory and pain. post later, dead tired.
Btw another clue is h op t white dogtag. yep thats right.

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