Who are More Capable: Men or Women?

Dame Beryl Bainbridge, one of Britain's best known contemporary writers, has reopened hostilities in the battle of the sexes by declaring that "men are more capable then women".
Dame Beryl Bainbridge has been nominated for the Booker prize five times
The 75-year-old author recalls how a male publisher used to keep her on a tight leash.
“I think that’s what men are supposed to be like," she says. "That’s what they are supposed to do. I still think men are more capable than women. I have never ever thought to myself that I was better than a man, ever.”
Vest is asking you bunch of clever dick bloggers your opinion on this gender bender, so get to it. Are you more aligned to one or more opposite gender bloggers because of their tendency to turn you on, dont fib tell the truth, personally I do, or lets find some aggravating retorts to clear the air; but no names - please.
Do you agree with Dame Beryl? Do men excel in some areas and women in others?
Or has she betrayed her gender and decades of struggle for recognition of women and sexual equality? Vest believes this aged bimbo has lost the plot and has succombed to the obvious superiority of us wonderful intelligent males. Vest scratches his Ego while anticipating a positive Male response.
Should we worry less about equality and more about encouraging men and women to concentrate on those areas of life in which they are naturally talented?


Anonymous said…
women have beauty
men have brains

women shud be seen
not heard
Anonymous said…
women only can give birth
men can impregnate may women
Anonymous said…
old semen say 'do right fear no man', and 'don't write and fear no woman'
Jim said…
u r a male chauvinist dukhar
Keshi said…
they r both skilled in their own unique ways. It's a team effort! :)

Anonymous said…
I think my original comment got ate by the computer ...
one person might be better at Art, another better at writing ... so gender is irrelevant.
Men used to have more opportunity than women, so they think they are smarter, but now that women have the same opportunities, no difference.
And that little old lady came from a different generation with different opportunities for women ... totally irrelevant to todays world.
Vest said…
Up to now, the more intelligent comments have been posted by women. Keshi and Aggie.xxx

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