Last week turned out less hectic than the previous weekend, nearly 800 kay's of driving in rain, in particular the 40 kay trip through kangaroo valley's descent of winding hairpin roads to the coast. Previously Rosemary and I had stopped at a Country style Cafe-restaurant and indulged ourselves with an order of diet defying Fried Fish & Chips (fries) Asking for vinegar - which is the norm together with salt, we were told by the proprietors; they , did not have vinegar. Hard to believe isn't it, I promised to drop a bottle in on our next visit, however, it wasn't to be, as we took the longer but less hazardous and time consuming route home. 'Henry' our 4litre falcon is ten and 134,000 kays - runs and looks like new, Uses Mobil 1 and the other best ingredients
During or stay with son #two and his Lady on their large property on the coast , there were two visits to the local club and a Sat afternoon fishing trip when I caught less than two fish!
During the week I wished we had fewer friends and rellie's, however, the Christmas card marathon was a struggle, fewer sent than before - due to the fact only those persons we received cards from last year and new acquaintances received the dubious honour.
This Friday gone our two gorgeous granddaughters arrived after school and will return home to their single parent home at 5pm today, none was asked and none has been given with regard to information about the exit of their recent Com/law Male Step person ten days ago, however, it does seem they are not distressed and more than likely pleased.
Went to the club this Friday, we were greeted with heavy metal stuff, opted for the lesser of the bad music scenario at the soccer club. Last night there was little choice but our club, I must be a miserable old bastard but the incessant same old farting beat from the 'Rock a Billy' band and the sight of people in their 50-70's age bracket; sweating (Fem Perspiring) swirling around and gasping for breath when sitting down to drink their penny saving water and hairy assed blokes as well as the aged bimbo's with sagging arms fanning themselves, yes - blokes too, one guy had a towel and a large 40 cm paper(silk?) ladies fan and was busy distributing his odour to all and sundry, did I say I was pissed off? well I was and anyhow my right knee was playing up again and I couldn't get up to perform.
I told you about 'Henry' our car, well we have a boat named 'K G V', after my first ship. But 'Start you bastard' our lawn mower will be hard pressed when we join forces to tackle the lawn six inches high in places due to the incessant rain, ( did I say lawn?) maybe a hundred bucks would be well spent getting someone with a mortgage to do it, thereby creating a happy resolution to the problem.
Have a enjoyable forthcoming week......Vest.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a marathon of a trip. Hope you are home and settled and all comfy again ready for Christmas.
Anonymous said…
I know youve had a go at me in the past but i probly deserved it mr vest but i would like tell you that you are my fav old person. have a happy christmas, and dont get too pissed.your friend wally.
Vest said…
Thanks Wally, you have made my day.

Aggie: Thank you too, I am always settled and comfortable, but always angling for that opening in readiness to strike if the need arises, but thankfully not too often, have a lovely Christmas holiday, dont forget the mistletoe,x.
Anonymous said…
wishing all u guys here a MERRY CHRISTMAS Season

from INDIA
with LOVE

saby and Jim
Keshi said…
wonderful to hear u homed :)

Vest said…
With a concerted effort er indoors and I mowed nearly 5,000 sq ft of high damp grass (Lawn)5 wkg hrs. it is now bucketing with rain again. my poor old bones are aching, I shall sleep well tonight.
Anonymous said…
and edited by vest.


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