BUNGLING AT ITS BEST, By those we Trust.

Flagrant inefficiencies by bungling bureaucracies world wide; those
Whom we trust and our very existence is dependant on.
In the UK, the Nationwide Building Society, a substantial financial
organisation was fined the thick end of £1 million (almost $1.9 million
US at today’s rates) for losing a laptop with thousands of customers
details on it.
Admittedly, it was stolen from an employee’s house, but
should he have taken it home?
There is no suggestion that the information has been used –
in truth, the laptop was probably sold down the local pub for drug
money and the recipient would likely not have known what he had.

It’s not just the UK though. ING bank in the US recently lost 13,000
social security numbers, whilst Hewlett Packard lost the records of
196,000 current and ex-staff members!
The data encryption software that would render any stolen
information useless costs very little, but the missing Nationwide
laptop didn’t have it and I wonder about the others.


tqmcintl said…
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Anonymous said…
Re TOH site:Their is more to the world than lyes, the truth has so much more impact and joining the drone is not the right path live a little, be real theirs more to life then the cleche
Vest said…
Anon: The delivery of your misspelt quotation leaves me with nowt to ponder on.
Have a confusing day.
BTW. Try plain English for any future comments.

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