Gun Rampage Leaves Nine Dead,

Gun rampage leaves nine dead
A gunman has opened fire at a crowded shopping centre, killing eight and wounding five ( *before turning the weapon on himself )*Now if every Idiotic Redneck American Gunman who Is given the Absurd patriotic privilege to bear arms, blew his/her brains out, the world would be a better place.
The right to bear arms, is another outdated law legislated by the four drunken founding fathers of Unclesamland - all lawyers and right wing politicians. The laws these goons approved over two hundred years ago run parallel with Islamic Sharia Law, completely idiotic, inane and a relic of a brutal bygone era we should only read about in our history books, in order to prevent an occurrence of the mistakes in the past.
I feel so sorry for the victims, relatives and friends, this unnecessary stupidity will remain with them for ever.
While in the Barber shop this morning, a Guy about 30 pointed out that, it is not news any more, only nine people are dead, if it hit 40 , a spot in the Guinness book of records maybe, but it is becoming commonplace and most people will shrug it off and get on with their Christmas shopping.

Guns Kill: Even if you are a target shooter, it will teach you if the necessity arises, how to be a more proficient killer.

We don't want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinkers damn is the history we make today.

Have a thoughtful day, Vest.


Jim said…
the americans have always been cowboys

it is time
they became men
Jim said…
I am having a tiff with Mel on WUB
go to WUB and comment on Mels first post
Vest said…
Jim: I have left the following comment on Mels post. Mel is a fillipino, as is their catholic boss (Cardinal Sinn).

The faith industry in its many segments has been and will continue to be the catalyst of division and strife between the humam race, until all people learn the scientific truth regarding the creation of man and not the many miscellaneous wishy washy disreptable means and ways by well fed priests who find it necessary to perpetrate their fatuous fairy stories in order to earn a living from the poor.
Priests in fact are much like insurance salesmen.
Front up at your religious venue every week hand over your hard earned contribution to the particular sooth sayer of your calling and he will guarrantee your passage to eternity.
Catholic communities are the poorest within the Christian faith, they have the largest families and the fattest priests
have a thoughtful day, VEST.
Vest said…
Jim: Transistor radio's (50's)and Cowboys, have culled Indians from two separate continents in the past.
Anonymous said…
hang on vesty what about the female vicar of Dibley(Dawn French) shes as fat as a barrell and she aint a spectacles-watch-wallett-testicals at all.
Bla said…
"And the beat goes on..."
Vest said…
bla: I have left this comment on your blogsite. You are in Bulgaria I presume.
Hey dude, thanks for calling to my blog, What language is this I am expected to read. I am English living on the central coast of New South Wales in Eastern Australia. Just got home from the club after too many drinks , had a good I am tired and must sleep it off.
Call again please.

Петък, 2007, Декември
Vest said…
Wally must have 'Foxtel' and watches UK TV.

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