We have Sunshine, but for how long? flooding continues . More dark skies..

FROM my balcony to the East the dark clouds are gathering for a further assault so it appears. I am hoping the rain clouds will deposit their rain on the parched areas of the interior , although not as bad prior to the rain, they are able to absorb more than we can; here on the Central Coast of New South Wales Australia.
The central coast is a disaster area; over 100,000 homes without power and other normal day to day necessities. News around the globe may have reached you, if not Google www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph this will save time and unnecessary explanation.
On the personal front, I wrote my last post on Friday evening, it had been raining fairly hard most of the previous days but now it had whipped up into a frenzy and absolutely bucketing down. the cold S/E winds coming in off shore sent us all off to bed early and finally some sleep after listening to to the noise outside.
I woke about 5-30 am, darkness and no power. At daylight we all had hot drinks made from the BBQ side burner, plus brekky cereals. we then heard it would be days before any power was restored. Tim our son took off with the gr/daughters to a friends house. Rosemary and myself drove through flooded streets and got petrol for the car and we called into a supermarket. which had it own Gen/power, we had a feed of KFC trans fats and fries, then got soaked getting to the car, got home lit candles everywhere. played UNO with a torch and went to bed at 9pm, we both woke suddenly when the Fan heater turned on at 1005, we were back from the dark ages.
Our eldest son returned home at 11pm and we all went to bed again at 12 plus am.
We consider ourselves more fortunate than most around this neck of the woods. but then there is more to come, so we wait and see. The last paragraph was finished at 2-35pm Sun June 10 and saved as a draft. Continuing post at 8-03 am Mon June 11.
Yesterday Sun at 2-40 pm, as we all sat down for an early dinner the power went off again, soon after at 5 pm we were ferried to our club; a one minute drive away, our son Tim taking us in the large SUV.
Although power had been restored by 6-30 pm, the club with its own generator was open until 11pm with all services plus a band playing, went to bed about midnight and woke this morning with the usual headache but- the Sun was shining and clear skies, it is now 22 hours since the last rain- but the roads are still flooded and the salt water lake is lapping against the back doors of those unfortunate to be on the water-front( We moved from there last year for several other reasons).
In the wash up-I suppose we have not been that hard done by, a lot of inconvenience maybe but the fact that thousands of other people are still without services to their homes plus the damage caused by the wind and flooding mean I have little to complain about, mind you the gardens are more than a bit messed up, (But I'll point the wife in that direction as she is a habitual 'tidyupperer').
That's it for now, see ya Vest.Daily Gaggle.


Anonymous said…
I saw this on the news... devestating.

I am glad that you are safe.

Anonymous said…
Go back to nature VEST
can u light a fire with dry twigs without a match?

its global warming
the americans are burning too much fuel for their big cars which gives gallons to the mile

buy small cars from Japan and Germany and India

TATAS from India is coming out with a small (all plastic car) costing less than 2,000 dollars

the car wont move if u r over weight

fuel consumption will be minimal
Vest said…
jd's rose: You are up early today!
Thanks for thinking of us, but as I have mentioned there are people here less fortunate, than us who only experienced minor inconvenience.x

Anonymous India.

Right at this moment dry twigs are becoming increasinly difficult to find, however, I do have a secret hoard of small 2 inch long sticks with a red blob on the end; which I have learned are better fire lighters than two sticks rubbing together.

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