Teachers Common Room Capers under scrutiny, 'Staying behind for a Naughty makes you a porno star'.

HIGH school teachers have complained they are being secretly filmed by students in the classroom and the videos posted on the internet.
In a sinister development involving mobile phone cameras, videos taken by students during classes are appearing on the MySpace and YouTube sites.
Teachers are angry the technology is being used to capture them in compromising situations or hold them up to ridicule.
Students across the state have been warned they face disciplinary action if they improperly film school staff or each other.

They could also be prosecuted under the Listening Devices Act for posting videos on the internet.

Many members were concerned about "video and sound recordings of teachers".
"Sometimes students will film for a joke or to hold a teacher up to ridicule,"
"They put the video on YouTube or My Space . . . this type of thing is going to grow. The cameras used are so small that people don't know they are there."

Worried teachers have been told to seek advice on their rights at school and in the classroom.
Some principals had installed surveillance cameras in some classrooms for security purposes, causing further alarm over teachers' privacy.

Taking audio recordings without permission is illegal and can attract fines of up to $11,000.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Teachers do it with the head.
Headmasters are good head starters.
Two heads in unison is better than none
Being 'Sent Down' from college, now embraces a more sensuous meaning, common room wise.
Vest said…
To be a greater person you must believe you are the best. If you're not, pretend you are.

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