South African workers have no energy for SEX....Vest Say's "The Aussie Viagra Oysters would solve their problem".

/05/2007 07:32 AM
No Energy for Sex Say Striking Workers
South African workers have complained to their union, COSATU, that working conditions are so tough that energy for sex is minimal or non-existent.

Regional Chairman Monroe Mkalipi, has taken up the cause and complained, in an effort to negotiate with the government over pay and other conditions including performance in the bedroom. There has not been a pay rise awarded to the workers since 2004.

"The harshness that we have in our workplace is so severe to such a point that when you get home at night it becomes a problem expanding our families," Mkalipi stated in an interview.

Vest has stated that "Those Aussie Oysters laced with Viagra(see back post) will soon bring their flagging members standing to attention".


Anonymous said…
They have all got aids so cut there cocks off
Jim said…
There has not been a pay rise awarded to the workers since 2004.

how do u expect their peckers to rise then?

its demoralizing
their wives will ridicule them more
Vest said…
Aids is rampant, most live in poverty, it is rational to think that not having sex is a positive step for these people.
Anonymous said…
vesty dear please tell me what is a flagging member? i'm becoming curious,I will email you about my hol in cyprus- ooh what a hoot.
Anonymous said…
hello janet, to save vest from embarresment it would be best i tell you it is a limp early morning boy thingy.
Anonymous said…
castrate the lot
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
ben is right desex them.

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