Just an ordinary day

ITS still raining! Yet the talk four weeks ago was all about water restrictions the never ending drought, desalination plants and larger storage reservoirs. Our dams were down to an average of 18% above the draw off level and now the drought has come back to bite us with storm damage floods power cuts and dams at a 52% level.
Yesterday we had sunshine and a break of 28 hours without rain, during the day I washed the car and rinsed it with seven pails of water, (We are not permitted to wash our cars with a hose)But during the time it took to fill 4 pails of water I could have easily hosed the car off. Ford falcon KGV000 is ten years old; its 4 litre heart is still beating well; thanks to (Mobil 1 the best and most expensive non fossil oil). Also both interior and exterior are looking remarkably well for its 133,000 klms or 83,000 miles, its only problem is that it guzzles fuel like a hog at a trough.
later I went out to have a new pair of trousers altered, at the one lady alteration shop, I found it very intriguing during the measurement stage, I must return soon for more trouser alterations.
Today I sent an E mail to the relatives in England, explaining due to many influencing factors that I shall not be visiting them this year. I am not sure who will be the happier; the recipients of the message; or me the sender.
Er indoors is having the full treatment on Saturday, Facial-eyebrows-shampoo-cut- dye- and foils, her modeling days may be over but she still maintains the status quo, but in contrast my pudding basin cut at the local hair butcher costs 12 bucks.
The dog next door doesn't bark at me anymore since I whacked him in the nuts with our rake handle, When I offered the dog a bone its owner said "I have never seen him refuse before.
The story of the week: I met a lady that I knew about 20 years ago, At that time after doing a few jobs for her she propositioned me, however, being cautious I Backed out but sent my friend Bruce over to do the next job. She told me just recently that Bruce was the best xxxxxxxxxxxxxx she ever experienced until he disappeared one day and could I recommend someone similar to Bruce for her right now.
Somewhere in Toukley NSW a 56 year old lady is buzzing hot for a bit of congenial company.


Keshi said…
Vesty dun tell me u really beat that dog??

Bruce was a Cruise ha :)

Vest said…
Keshi: I don't think the nudge on his testimonials was an act of cruelty on my part, just a slightly more than gentle reminder to curb his canine aggression, which apparently worked.
Anonymous said…
I can do what Bruce does so well
and u r afraid to do

send me for her next job

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