It is Time to stop Procrastinating, Affairs to be put in order.

Although my departure date has yet to be decided by the elements which motivate the workings of my fast deteriorating being, I am still not in too much of a hurry to go. Most financial workings have been resolved, but the mortal remains thingy, like whether I should provide sustenance for the flora of the Cremmo gardens, in the form of a blood and bone calcium supplement; has been shelved.
Seventy per cent of our States departures end up in the cauldron of fire, Why? because its cheaper and easier to maintain, and harder to resurrect should there be a second coming. So, It has been decided that a more conventional resting place will be in order, A double plot in the local boot hill with headstones, ones that will remain readable for the extended family to discover, that I spent it all before I left.
The past few weeks have been less than normal, what with floods rain winds and seemingly never ending power cuts, trying to maintain the domestic scenario has been a pain in the ass, flash lights (torches) candles, boiling water on the BBQ and getting burned several times on the barby convinced me about the Cremmo thingy.

I hope my next post does what I hope it will do. Borrowing a phrase I picked up recently, Even If you are an Irish Catholic Atheist or a Protestant Atheist you will be astonished by its contents.


Anonymous said…
knock it off Vest
u have a long innings to go

my sis in laws dad will be celebrating his 100 th bday on July 14

he is going strong in all respects
he outlived 2 wives

and recently he made a pass for my wife, he wanted to get cozy with her
Anonymous said…
I suppose I would be an Irish Catholic Atheist being our tribe came from Dublin.
Anonymous said…
I might be a scaredy catholic not a complete atheist i feel intelligent enough to know some one is peddling a lot of poo i like the bullshit of religeon but the truth is hard to swallow.
Anonymous said…
my family used to go to mass but dont bother much now-all we are trying to do is make something happen which we know real truthfully isn't going to happen,its just sad that we waste our time.
Anonymous said…
"Whats all this death talk, you are not yet ready to wave goodbye to a thousand flies"

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