Living for Friday and that Long Weekend, the Queen Bless her and all who sail in her

IT seems that Australia and our close British Commowealth neighbour New Zealand may be leading the field when it comes to having a day off for some archaic reason.
These are what are referred to as public holidays. The people who take advantage of having a bludge from their workplace and being paid for doing so, more than likely none of these people have little idea about the significance or the reason for the public holiday and even if they do rarely show any degree of interest.
Australia has nine National public holidays,
New years Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Queens Birthday, Christmas day, Boxing Day.
Australia's seven States and the Capital territory collectively; have a further sixteen public holidays, notably 'Labour Day' is one celebrated? in six states on five differing dates.
The worst culprit of all is the 'Two headed' State of Tasmania which has eight more lazy days than the national figure, five point five more than the state average, one of these days being Easter Tuesday-would you believe!.
Today is 'Foundation Day' in Western Australia which is 3,000 miles west of NSW where I am right now, but close by to the east over the briny a bit lies New Zealand, the 'land of the big day off' Where they enjoy ten national public holidays - also fourteen anniversary holiday per year (Do they ever work there).
However, today is the Queens Birthday in New zealand where her majesty will become 81 years and 44 days of age. Next week lucky Liz will collar another birthday when she becomes 81 years and 51 days of age in all Australian states except Western Australia, but wait, Western Oz will last of all but not least give her a birthday party on the first day of this October 07 when a tired old liz - totally pissed off with this birthday bullshit will be 81 years and one hundred and sixty three days of age.

Psst! : Ill let you into a secret, Queen Elizabeth will be 82 years and no extra days old on the 21st day of April in the year 2008. 'But only you and I know that, so shush.

Happy birthday to all birthday lovers. On average 57,539 Australians celebrated their birthday today. VEST Daily Gaggle.4-6-07


Anonymous said…
when it comes to public holidays
no body can beat Indians

Indians have about six major religions

and each community is given 2 days each

then we have national holidays
in addition to that each state has its own set of heroes that have to be celebrated
Vest said…
Anonymouse: given that the Indian nation is deficient as a competitor in this category due to its eighty per cent unemployment status and the workforce if one can call it that, would represent roughly fifty percent of the population: meaning that only five percent of the Indian Nation are currently employed.
So it boils down to the fact that nineteen out of every twenty people in India are already having 365 days off each year, how in hells bells do they slot in all of those other six miscellaneous religions - each with their own forty or fifty pious days absent from the workforce, the mind boggles.

Have a nice day. OFF.
Anonymous said…
you forgot that anon guys set of indian heroes so thats more days off-- them indians know how to bludge-- there bone idle i reckon
Anonymous said…
lol! N.Z. does not have 14 days Anniversary Days off a year ... it has 1 Anniversary Day per year ... taken at different times by different areas. However, I for one am very appreciative of a day off now and then. All work and no play makes for a very dull life indeed. If the head of the Commonwealth wants to give us a day off, then I'll say "cheers Queenie".
Vest said…
Aggie: Hi pretty face. No axe to grind; just stating the facts, thanks for the info. I bludge 100% of the year, pay far too much tax. anyhow, so it seems you Kiwi's are on an equal footing with OZ, except for Tassie, ta for now , x.
Anonymous said…
Hello Mr vest,I always listen or view The Queen on 'The Corgi and Bess Show'on Christmas day, joke- ha ha:))
Jim said…
How come Australia and New Zealand tie up all the time

Joint Accreditation System of AUS and NZ

its the lousiest accreditation
the best is UKAS

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