You are watching Hebrew Television, There is little other choice.

It does appear that those who were ostracised by the govt of that 'One balled Chocolate waffling vegetarian Mr Shicklegruber, are now in total control of the media industry and walk hand in hand with their former enemies; the industrial and political Fascists. Both Ideoligies seemingly working together lovingly.
Why do 95% of film makers; despite the many differing creeds and racial origins globaly, always dominate their scripts with hebrew names for their actors.
Mind you, cronyism and nepotism is rife within the film industry and would seem that since the dawn of the Hollywood film set up, the Cecil B De- Mille's, Fred Zimmerman's, Goldberg's and Spielbergs and the like, have passed down opportunities to their own extended families and creed, hence a few years ago an Australian fronting up for his film industry award stated to the embarrassment of many present,"Seems like I am the only Gentile here tonight".
I am sick of people who play the role's of people not of their obvious genetic make up.
For example, like an Arab or Jewish person, portraying an Anglo saxon English country Lord of the manor or village Squire, named Larry Caplan and his beautiful A/sax wife Jennifer-nee- Finklestien. This was brought to my notice by a friend of mine , David, Moshe, Bennett, when only a few days ago told me that, he was staying in that night to watch some Hebrew television.
I am left wondering if I am the Only person to notice this. I dont need any anti semetic crap either; my dear grand mother was Jewish.
I do not take exception to Pantomime role's where for example unshaven men in drag play the part of the Ugly Sisters and women are playing principal boys, that's just too funny, but I do find it distressing when a smelly Billy Goat portrays the part of a Thoroughbred.


Anonymous said…
vestyou hit the nail on the head, Btw I watched a randy panto dvd called SIN derella, the ugly sisters were guys in crinolines and they were asked why they were called the ugly sisters, and both replied ARE YOU EFFING BLIND
Vest said…
click onto the sailor pic for details of J L Spencers novel, great reading. get it quicker and cheaper from the publisher, (warning, some parts contain explicit sexuality) This book has been banned so far only in 46 countries.
Vest said…
Sharon, Obviously you were not offended by my post, thank you,

Sharon the dvd Sin derella stars Mike READ from East Enders and the blonde ageing "Carry On Film's tart" Barbara Windsor, no relation to the Queen.
Call again Sharon. Vest
Mind you, cronyism and nepotism is rife within the film industry

This is it, cronyism and nepotism. Jewish folk got into Hollywood early and never left.

I noticed Hollywood never getting ethnicities right. Jews playing Italians, Italians playing Native Americans, Filipinos playing Indonesians, etc.
Anonymous said…
seem to remember that I read half way about the Exodus debacle..sort of anti semetic am I right. did it for queen and country did you..whats your excuse. my mother say's you were a hunk,"Once upon a Time"
Vest said…
Kate, I remember meeting you at my club, tall g/looker brunette 21?, say thanks to your mom she too must be still worth a look too.
No, I am not into anti semiticism, sorry sweetie not getting drawn into that one. However, their rule of thumb generally is to consider their own first, a form of secularism with added religeous belief. Fini.
Now sweet beautiful clever lady, this is where you stuffed up, It was not for Queen and country, but for KING and country. avag'day,xxxx.
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