Where in heavens name is Vandiemans Land
Er indoors and I are off on a voyage of rediscovery on Jan-26-05. For the inquisitive check it out on Google.
I first visited Vandiemans Land Jan-8-1946, shortly after repairs to the ship I served on; The 'HMS King Geoge V', a huge Battleship during WW2, called into Hobart while on its journey home to England.
Unfortunately the ship was booked out for the Jan- 6-05 sailing, however, the sea journey from Sydney to Devonport; on the north of Vandiemans Land takes 22 hours, my darling and I are taking our car and have a cabin to our selves. Total cost for the return sea journey and ten days motel accom is estimated at less than Aus-$2,000, or US $1,500 plus spending money, the cost of the car on the ship is included.
Keep your eye on this website early Feb for this fabulous story of rediscovery to unfold. I hope to return with a host of TASMANIAN jokes to unleash onto my Nth American and Brit bloggers about Australias only Island State 'TASMANIA'. For your next seagoing experience it must be 'THE SPIRIT OF TASMANIA'.


Tasmanian jokes? Would love to hear them.
Anonymous said…
how yer going vesty you old git, for those dimwit yankee doodles tasmania was found by a geezer called able tasman who was a clog wog, im now retird and my maria is looks after me real good and im making lots of beer fixing a still up with my mate, merry burp chrhismas george
Vest said…
Hello George, Nice to hear you are doing something worth while with your life. Actually it is a pleasant surprise to be able to read your comment without tripping over a foul expletive, although I barred you from this website some time back I shall rescind that arrangement forthwith, also its hardly likely that you will bore me with philistinic grammar but knock off the rude words please.

For those to whom George is unknown. George is the son of an unknown Brit sailor who visited Malta; a small strategic Island in the Mediterranean; during WW2.
George Emailed me a brief story of his life a few months back, apart from his family migrating to the Landununder and to take up a fishing career in Tasmania,its main pivot revolves around family violence and social security, 'not good reading'.
I am sure that George is now on the mend.
Please accept our best wishes for the coming Christmas season from all of us bloggers, and keep up the good work. Vest.
Anonymous said…
I simply love to hear heart rending success stories especially during Christmas and the Passover..merry xmas George.
Anonymous said…
have a nice trip to tassie with your nice lady... will you sample some o old georges home brew... have a very merry christmas luvs ya yu old codger,Catherinexxxx
tshsmom said…
Take lots of pictures on your trip! Also do PLENTY of walking on your trip. Rose and your doctor DO know best! ;)
Vest said…
I believe that, the Quaint title of 'Clog Wog' that George gave to Able Tasman would indicate that Tasman was Dutch. "Not nice George".
Anonymous said…
Hello saucy sailor you must be a well travelled guy where else have been mate. you are a bit cluey on whats where and wheres what, tell me please

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