Seasons Greetings!

Here's something you might like to look at. Click on image to make text readable


That's a wonderful card. The Christmas cards I've found are too generic. Hopefully we'll find some comparible ones to that one.
Anonymous said…
nice christmas card mate.. thought i would stir the can and send that post in your October archives relating to clubs, to a certain unnamed club near where you must reside, the H B C, am I right
Vest said…
dag, you must be the person responsible for sending out that 'Betty' letter which thankfully has now ceased circulating. It would seem that your can stirring has resulted in annoying my non gentile friend Dave (David) a former Mossad agent and computer Whizz; who has already tracked you down, and to make you feel more uncomfortable; you live in Toukley and are a gay Sup/mkt manager.
Dave is a smart operator, and has agreed that, for a paltry stipend to cover expenses, he will; when requested, call upon you and remove your testicles. have a nice Christmas.
tshsmom said…
OUCH; I'd cover myself if I were you, Dag!
Vest said…
To fully understand what 'Dag' was babbling on about, check the Oct archives re Budgewoi Clubs.
In any case I have ceased wasting my precious time promoting the H B Club(If thats the term) who goofed again on Saturday, when only nine people were seen in the entertainment area which has a capacity of over 400.
The only good news is that, the 'FAB FOUR' led by my friend Tony Remedios, will be the entertainment for New Years Eve.

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