The future women of our world requesting hand outs from Santa, published in local rag.

Make the World a better Place.
Dear santa and elves and reinder, hi my name is Dayna and I am 7 years old. How are you? For ChristmistI would like 1, pet buney, 2 pet dog jerman sheped pointer, 3. a pet horse,4 a toy and much more.and to make the world a better place, 1, help the poor people, 2, give clean water, 3 give donasans for people, 4, give a good christmis to all people in the world,
And what I think abiat Christmist-I dekorate the home, 2, be good and be holly, 3, give love and canpassion. FROM ME Dayna, Lisaro. (Written with a bit of conniving from mom probably, V)

Dear santa. I would like a Bratz Doll thank you. I want people to pick up their rubbish, scrub the writings off the buildings, pick up their dog poo, no garbage in the sea or down the drain. Be nice to each other, listen to your Mum and Dad. a smile is free. be happy. Love Mollie, 6, Kariong.
(With help from mum again. V)

Can I have a pair of wheelies.
Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a pair of wheelies size 4 or 5, Probably size 4. I'm 9 this year. you probably knew that. Love from Samantha, Blue Bay.

Any more requests Telephone the NORFPOLE.


Vest said…
HUMBUG HUMBUG you horrid little people. hope you get what you deserve, only kidding kids, A Merry Christmas Everyone, Tiny Tim.
Heh. What I wanted for Christmas when I was a kid was for the Packers to not have a losing record. It took many years to get that wish. :(
Vest said…
For what I care ZOMBIE SLAYER I hope you get your wish.
For Australians:
The 'Packers' are a USA Gridiron Football team.
GRIDION: The game play is in some way related to Rugby Union and Rugby League Football, but not Aussie rules Foot ball, whose laws of the game leave most people mystified.
Gridiron is played mainly in the USA By ex lower Grade B students, Who earn more income than their higher A grade fellow students, like lawyers Bankers and dodgy Real Estate Crooks.
GRIDIRON Football Players are usually huge 16 stone plus guys who wear more protective armoured clothing than a medieval Knight,so to minimise injury. In comparison rugby players only wear shorts shirts socks(SOX) and boots, and usually go into early retirement as para or quadriplegics, some become successful wheelchair bound coaches.
The original Football or Assoc Football is played world wide with a round ball not egg shaped as in Rugby and gridiron, players actually Kick the fricking ball with a foot not just run with it, yet other codes ignominously call the game Soccer for some strange reason. Why!! anyone know the answer?
Anonymous said…
Been reading your (Gold Card) posts. good stuff mate, but im afraid you will have to tough it out,but good luck. Mayebe our rugby leage toughies will get a special dispensation of the the vets Gold Card From that prick of a prime minister of ours If they played the game for australia.
Go long into the day mate, not many of your good sort left, merry christmas, colin 72.
Vest said…
Thank you Bridget, You seem to be a product of the Emerald isle, and a superb one at that, reading your widely distributed comments can bring compassion tears and laughter to your readers.

Please Bridget and others click on to Google 'Trafalgar square Christmas tree' good reading.
tshsmom said…
Thanks for the Trafalgar Square link, Vest. I see why it reminds you of me. ;)
Norf pole - I love it!! Are you Santa? Is that why you are privy to all these requests from little children? They are precious, btw. Thanks for giving me a Christmas laugh. :-)
Vest said…
notta wallflower, what a nice person, please call again.
BTW: All life is precious,
Especially to the owner.
Vest said…
notta wall flower . in retrospect, taking into consideration your most recent assessment of me in your web site, it would only be fair to indicate that I am not father Christmas - santa etc.If you take notice the toddlers requests were excerps from my local news paper. READ THE HEADER It really must be jolly living in airy fairy land with so many happy things surrounding your clean cut pristine existence, I must admit that my excursions through your site tend to need a sniff of nit/oxide for starters.
Anonymous said…
been over to the states mate, spent the afternoon following some of the sites youve been on that zombie slayer is quite a card, seems he might be setting himself as new religous following, but what i'm asking realy is. whats this shite about' dirty old man what have you been up to to give those people ago at you you normaly dont allow bad talk on this site i'm on. you dont give bad rude words on there site, or is it your not a septic tank -joke- i mean yank.going now, colin 72
Vest said…
hi colin . just back from the club brahms & list. Have just read your comment, it seems that a couple of nice ladies have set me up as the sacrificial lamb for their xmas hate men ceremony, got their knicks in a twist in a undecypheral conundrum which had them lost for words, it appears that previous comment and the post, laced with sexual inuendo was overlooked. have a nice xmas colin. email me after xmas like to talk to you, vest
Anonymous said…
vest boxing day 3 d/syndrome boys for trip in your boat arr your place 10 am, forecast good, swell est 1to 1.5 . hope you have spew buckets , no fishing gear needed see ya dave ,and thanks for the boat .
Anonymous said…
had a call from my friend in the states after i asked him to checkout the SCUMBAG site-most of the comments come from his five cronies- and to quote him he say's. 'going through 180 or so brief comments on one post I cannot find any in depth logic or common sense contained in them at all'
iv'e taken a looksee my self, and got bored- so as long as they are helping you to make a quid or two, you can only be a winner- which is the name of the game- colin 72, true blue
Vest said…
Thanks Colin. Would appreciate that you commenton the latest post, thanks again.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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