Mr KERRY PACKER (A GREAT AUSTRALIAN) And formerly Australia's wealthiest person, passed away on Monday Jan- 26. His demise is attributed to heart and kidney failure.
On a lighter note, many notable people have suggested that, Kerry, would have secured his future in advance. Kerry being a Fun person and someone who enjoyed life to the full, It is now expected that HEAVEN will soon be getting its first TV and Radio Networks, Plus Casino's and Slot machines, One Day 50 overs Cricket and Horse Racing.
The only way myself and many other people became involved with Kerry, was to contribute to his wealth.
Kerry I have been told was a great Philanthropist, although a few Billion would hardly put a dent into his balance.
I personally never came in contact with Kerry, however most people who did regarded him as a great person and a good guy.
Those intending to depart for higher places soon will have the surprise of their(New Life) Thanks to Kerry.


Anonymous said…
That sounds real good, although i'm not in a hurry to go.
Vest said…
The two previous comments were made by cap'n scuumbag and his weird mob, purveyors of the worst type of profanities and muck mongering on the internet.
This bunch of undesirables commented on my site initially in a manner unacceptable, my "Shove off Drop dead reply" has irritated this bunch of no hopers to the extent that they wrote a post in my honour, which has resulted in my sales improving, which is due to the Stats increasing by aprox 1,400 per cent. Thanks morons keep it up.
From time to time we will be entertained with discrediting remarks about My personal self which no doubt some lesser people will enjoy. However, having a thick skin and a liking for extra income I can only say thanks chappies for your help, even though you are a bunch of no hopers. avag'day.
Anonymous said…
sorry vestie. did my comment on 2posts back-sorry

has K P made any arranging for us blokes who may be going (DOWN) instead of up? colin 72
Vest said…
The charactor vest jn is related to the cap'scumbag blog' and is in no way related to this site. the person may be a spokesperson for
Vest said…
ladyofhouse, I'll give you ten marks for persistency, may I dare to presume you are the infamous working Madame of the Bordello in downtown Kansas City named the RatBags Cat House, or simply just the Old Village Bike.
tshsmom said…
I checked out the the little kids that have been playing blog too.
One post had over 300 comments, all from just 3 people. These snotnosed brats are doing this at work. This proves how responsible and productive they are at their job.
Their main hobby, other than drinking, is to deliberately annoy people on their own blogs. I guess this is the modern equivalent of crank phone calls.
Hopefully they won't breed and pass on their defective genes. ;)
LOVED "The old village bike" comment. I don't think the kiddies are bright enough to get it though.
Say HI to Rose!
Vest said…
ladyofthehouse. I am an open book, read all about me, some parts may be right up your alley. Click my Pic for excerpts. Buy two and send one to your worst enemy, this book has been banned in 49 countries.
I shall not delete your last comment, but any suggestive remark from you in the future will get the chop Find something useful to do today, Thank you for your comment AVAG'DAY.
Vest - even though Mr. Kerry is gone now, it sounds like he lived his life honorably. I respect anyone who can do that...
Vest said…
ladyofthehouse. You remind me of that silly game show 'The Weakest Link' "GOODBYE"
Your last comment deleted due to your sexual innuendo. The previous warning was your last, bye.
Vest said…
nottawallflower.thank you for your comment, I chose to segregate the L O T HOUSE reply from yours.
Yes Kerry Packer was a honorable person; can't recall him being involved with 'Dodgy Deals'.
KP was pocketing ONE $Million a day from investments. His string of personal companies amassed $393 Million in the past fin/year, he will be leaving behind a staggering estimate of $7 Billion. Yes you are correct in stating he was honorable, but I reckon you or I or most people for that matter would be quite happy with a one per cent share of K P's HONORABILITY, Have a good day , nice lady.
Vest: Thought I'd stop by and say hi. I see you're having commenting issues with some net hooligans. I will endeavour to keep my comments G-rated and germaine.

Happy New Year to you.
Scumbag said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
cap'n Scumbag, your site cronies or your self trolled the site of a friend of mine and left behind filth, and he being a nice guy unlike me, I took up the challenge. So there you have it.
I have also replied on your blog in lingo you will understand.
have a happy and prosperous new year.
Anonymous said…
been on lady of house blog ant the scumbags gived them some poo-- sxxt not on this blog i see must be carful..wots this a holy blog no cussing yah time wastingpeople all cuss now jeese a nocuss creep show, I O H
Vest said…
Colin 72, unless you have not sinned excessively I suggest you put in a redemption plea, BTW have you been 'That bad', if so a pact with the devil may be your only salvation, avag'day mate.
Vest said…
Hello to gregorie the groper, I am unsure of your intent, to say the least your message is unstable. I am pleased you have contributed to the berating of the C S blog, but taking the widdle out us, not nice mate. I am pleased you got one message in your noddle, now go back to C S and give him more, then come back next year, for the ann/washup. See Ya In 2007.
Vest said…
Thank you anonymous for your info, of course the same info would be helpful to another source of annoyance, so there, bye the grace of the almighty go I with the info and delete it accordingly, lest it should be used to thwart me. Thank you number one son, I guessed right again.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
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