Saturday, 2 June 2007

At last 'A Sensible Shooting,' Music Lovers will love this.

MANILA: An unemployed man was shot dead by a security guard for singing out of tune in a Philippine karaoke bar.
Romy Baligula, 29, was halfway through Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' when 43-year-old security guard Robilito Ortega yelled that he was out of tune, before pulling out his gun and shooting him dead.

I wonder how many time's myself and other's have pointed their hands Gun fashion at these singers in utter despair. I think that guy asked for it somehow. However, a Stun gun or a Paint gun would have sufficed.


JD's Rose said...

Well that seems a little drastic!

Anonymous said...

i will stick to bathroom singing

Anonymous said...

when i am gone i want all u guys to sing My way for me

i wont shoot u if u sing out of tune

SME said...

This is why karoake bars and firearms don't mix.

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