Words  On Wednesday.

         Words this week are
 Observation. Enjoying. Dining. Capacity. Manufacture Embarrassed.
                                                               Or and
Journey. Business. Baptism.Subject. Loudly. Surprised.

Half of these words were selected at random by a third party. the remainder selected from my story.
My wife and I arrived early at the central station in Sydney for our twelve hours *Journey North to Brisbane, in order to attend our first grandson's * Baptism. It was intended to be a happy and rewarding reunion with family members as well as a comfortable first-class * journey plus *enjoying the scenery along the way.

Shortly after starting our trip my Wife and I  joined other passengers in the *Dining Car and sat across from a husband and wife who were strangers to us. The lady was expensively dressed, as the high fashioned clothes and jewellery indicated. But she was having a most unpleasant time with herself.
Rather * loudly she proclaimed that the dining room was dingy and draughty, the service abominable and the food most unpalatable. She complained and fretted about everything. Her husband, on the contrary, was an easy going man who had the *capacity to take things as they come, although he seemed to be a trifle *embarrassed by his wife's critical attitude and somewhat disappointed too as he was taking her on this trip for her pleasure.

To change the * subject, he asked what *  business I was in and said he was a  Doctor, then he laughed and said: " My wife is in the manufacturing * business". This * surprised me as she did not appear to be an industrious type of person, so I asked the Doctor" What does she *Manufacture" he laughed and replied " My wife manufactures her own misery.

Despite the icy coolness that settled on the table following this ill-advised * observation, I was grateful for his remark, for it aptly described what far too many people do.
On returning to our comfortable Ist Class seats, I fell asleep only to wake some two hours later, Feeling pleased with myself having rested, however, my wife was still snoozing but with a beautiful and happy smile on her pretty face. I feel blessed that today I am not a doctor, plus I have nothing that needs changing. Seems like we will have to take in the scenery on the return *Journey.
Vest. Dailygaggle.com.

Most that one suffers from unhappiness, comes from the tongue
 Words are like bees, Sometimes they have honey, sometimes a sting.


River said…
Thank you for the words, what a mixed bag they are this week. I like your story very much. I also know a woman who manufactures her own misery, she's never happy and can't understand why people don't want to be around her.
A lot of us create our own misery. Great selection this week. I shall apply myself.
Lee said…
Again you've given us a great story, Vest...thank you, and thank you for the words.

Here is my effort...

"From my OBSERVATION while ENJOYING many DINING experiences I was convinced the moment I walked through the doorway to the kitchen I was at the start of a long and interesting JOURNEY.

I was not going to allow myself to be EMBARRASSED by anything. I intended to put my head down and concentrate on learning all I could about the restaurant BUSINESS from the lowest of lowest job through to the preparation of fine dining foods.

Confidence was my second name. I felt my mind had the CAPACITY of an Encyclopaedia Britannica. I was prepared for anything and everything...I thought.

SURPRISED when the chef bellowed at me LOUDLY, I knew at that moment it was going to be a BAPTISM of fire. In an instant, I was brought back down to earth...to reality.

For the rest of those early days, weeks and months I was the SUBJECT of the chef’s relentless pressure. No excuse I tried to MANUFACTURE got past him. He was a hard task master, but one I grew to respect and admire."
Vest said…
River.First off the blocks this week. You must have ventured forth early today on my wavelength it seems, as I have fed the Cats, Washed, Cooked my breakfast and have prepared dinner for today by 7AM. Thank you for your Kind Appreciation.
Vest said…
Only Slightly Confused. Thanks, I shall trot over to your blog later today.
Vest said…
Lee, How on earth can you get up that early to write a story. And a great one too. You are a Genious As well as a kind person.

Here we go:

Not in the least SURPRISED by the observation drone hovering outside the window, 92b1 left the personal pod at precisely 12:00 noon and headed for the DINING room for lunch.
The 11:30 lunch shifts footsteps echoed LOUDLY in the corridor as they made the JOURNEY back to their individual pods.
92b1 contemplated the SUBJECT of lunch until the OBSERVATION deck was reached. A surreptitious scan of the mezzanine failed to detect 201T9."Who are you looking for?” the green suited officer demanded.
“201T9” 92b1 mumbled, EMBARRASSED to have been caught by a Green Block officer while attempting a human connection.
“11:30 lunch shift seemed to be ENJOYING the MANUFACTURED substance they had for lunch. I suggest you make it your BUSINESS to do the same.” The officer wheeled smartly and strode away. An observation drone took over surveillance.
92b1, face frozen into a compliant non expression, headed for the dining room unfortunately, no longer feeling any CAPACITY for the synthetic meal that would be provided.
Vest said…
Only slightly confused. How unusual. A sort of futuristic view of things to come, How dreadful. A tasteless and loveless existence awaits our gg grandchildren. A Good Story Well Written.
Love your story. And sadly we have all known people who manufacture their own misery. And often other peoples too.
Love Lee's story. Am worried by the only too plausible reality that osc gave us.
It is only an observation, but in my journey through life I have had far too many Baptisms of Fire. To the extent that I wonder whether there is any other kind.
My best beloved enjoys them, laughs loudly and tells me that I couldn't manufacture these situations if I tried. He is endlessly surprised that I have the capacity to create more of these moments. They give him the subject for tales he has been dining out on for years.
In my adult way I stick my tongue out, tell him to mind his own business and stalk off. And am embarrassed as I trip over my own feet and pour my cup of tea over myself. Again.
messymimi said…
Vest, i always feel sorry for people like that lady, they could have such great lives if they chose.

Lee, the person who challenges us the hardest probably makes us grow the most. Good story.

OSC, i am also afraid of such a future. It seems hardly worth living. It's a well told tale, though.

EC, it appears you have been given a talent, and maybe not one you would have chosen.

When my post goes live later, it will be here.
Lee said…
You are most generous with your words, Vest...thank you; I will accept them humbly.

I didn't want to get up early this morning. I felt like remaining snuggled up in bed a while longer (as did my two furry mates), but I needed to shoot out to the supermarket..and I like to get that over and done with early. I wanted to do Words for Wednesday before I headed out.

So now I'm home again...everything is unpacked and put away...and I'm going to settle in and read the papers.

Everyone is having a ball with your words for this week...and what they've written is terrific. :)

Vest said…
EC Nice story, nice Husband, I am sure he loves you Lots. Three weeks ago I tripped over a Cushion that had fallen between a lounge Coffee table and settee, I was worried stiff, but my pain has subsided to very minimal. Thought at first it was my Hip.
Vest said…
Messymimi, Thanks for reading my Story. So I am expecting to get your story soon.
Vest said…
Lee. I did the Weekly shop yesterday after the cleaning lady left at noon. My first stop at OPSM to have my sight tested. I am now able to drive for another year. but I have to wear stronger lenses in my eyewear at great Cost otherwise No pass. I reckon I was bailed up. I
told them, " see those two guys sitting at the table 30 feet away, One has blue eyes the other Brown.""Yes said the optician, You were sitting next to them ten minutes ago having a cuppa, that is how you know".
Cindi said…
Mine are here. I've really enjoyed reading everyone's contributions in the past two weeks!
Vest said…
Cindy. I'll pop over right away.
River said…
My story will be on my blog tomorrow. Zipping over to Cindi's now.

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