Today July 5 is the birthday anniversary of my dear departed Lady - Wife and Best Friend  Beautiful Rosemary.
 Rosemary was born in 1934 and would be celebrating her fun-filled fourth 21st today. Rosemary was an ageless person - Loving - hard to fault - priceless in every aspect.

It was also on July 5 at 2am 1971 on Rosemary's 37th birthday when our family sailed from Southampton on the good ship 'Britannis', a ship carrying mostly migrants to Australia.
                                LOVE YOU ROSEMARY



Stanley. said…
Rosemary, my lovely, loving little sister's birthday today(5th July).She would be 84, so loved, and so missed. my thoughts go out to Les, Chris and family xx
I am sure she knows just how much you love and miss her.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
Will you celebrate or just reminisce?
Vest said…
E H. A digital dozen meaning ten red Roses was placed at her headstone today, and a few tears.
Andrew B. said…
Andrew Bowyer

5 July at 14:36

😊she was a beautiful mum thanks Stanley



Nichola Aves. said…
Nichola Aves

5 July at 05:39

Such a sweet lady xx
Vest said…

Thank you all of those friends and relatives who have sent FaceBook messages today, there is not nearly enough time to reply to all. Chris will reply on my behalf. or it may be more simpler to make a brief comment on my blog, The Daily gaggle.com. it is so easy even a relative can do it.
Cathy said…
Such a loving tribute to the love of your life Vest
Vest said…
Thanks, Cathy, You are very kind
RO said…
I know that it hurts and that you miss her, but we can feel how much you adored the love of your life. Hugs...RO
Lee said…
Loving memories...cherish memories that will never be forgotten. Memories of a true love. :)
Vest said…
RO And Lee I cannot keep her out of my mind. The most moving moments of our lives, Find us all without words. A few private tears help. There you go I have started to reach for the tissues.
Lee said…
Never be ashamed of your emotions, Vest. I am sure you are not. They are the truth - your truth...and should never been denied or hidden. The love you and your beautiful Rosey shared was special...it always will be. Your lady was very special...as are you. Allow her to remain constantly in your mind and in your heart...it is there that she is at home and at peace.

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