ON THIS DAY 16th Of July.

                                                      On this day, the 16th of July.

The year 622. The beginning of the Muslim Calendar. Prophet Mohammad flees from Mecca to Medina.

The year 1945. The first Atom Bomb test takes place in the New Mexico Desert/.

The year 1969, at 2100hrs GMT. Appolo 11  Starts its journey to the moon

The year 1926.-92 years ago  Yours truly Me, VEST entered this Big World.

This year, Today Approximately 65,753 people in Australia will have a Happy Birthday.?.
.                                                 ----

This post will be available 24 hours earlier due to possible irregular activities occuring.


Historically speaking an action packed day. I hope you have a very, very Happy Birthday.
Lee said…
Happy Birthday, Vest! I hope you enjoy your day...and the enjoyment continues. :)

Today, 15th, is a friend of mine's birthday. We've known each other since 1965. She turned 83 today. We became friends when I commenced working for her now late husband after I left Gympie to live and work in Brisbane....all those years ago.
Cathy said…
Many happy returns of the day Vest!

Here's hoping you have a red lettered one :-)

(And just as an aside - it was on this day, July 15th in 1960, I met The Golfer (aka the love of my life) in a swimming pool in Nicosia Cyprus)

Take care

Vest said…
Ec.Lee.Cathy. Today is also St Swithin's day, And also would have been my Sister's 90th Birthday too, she left for heaven so I was informed 20 years ago. It has been estimated that 31% of my known relatives are Cancerians. Thank you lovely ladies for your birthday greetings.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Mr Vest. you old codger.xxx. I wonder if the world would have been a better place had the Big MO missed his flight from Mecca and or his Magic Carpet crashed on a mountain.
Vest said…
Cathy. So you had a good look before you bought. Much the same or nearly like the Lady who fell in love at first sight of her Hubby on the nudist beach.
messymimi said…
Wishing you many, many happy returns of the day! My Grandmother Mary, #1 Son, and i were all also born on this day.
Vest said…
Messymimi. Cancerians in the main are very nice people. My paternal grandmother, mother& father plus my second and third sons also. Plus many more relatives.. thanks for your best wishes.

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