Words for Wednesday .

Words this week provided by Vest,  limited to six words to enable more people to take part
     Mixture. Summer. Footsteps. Warmth. Shelter. Chilly. These words were selected by a third party and used in the following story

                             A late English Summer.!970

   Many of us manufacture our own misery. Of course, not all unhappiness is self-created, for social conditions are responsible for more than a few of our woes. yet it is a fact that to a large extent by our thoughts and our attitudes we brew from the ingredients of life either happiness or unhappiness for ourselves. Our good fortune in being able to send all of our school-aged children to school camp and the three-year-old to grannies for a week. was also a blessing and a sort of contrived happiness.

It was during this heaven-sent break from our lovely children on a bright English summer afternoon, my Wife and I went for a long walk into the woods where we were staying near the lakeside village of lilyponds our favourite weekend getaway in the Chiltern Hills. On this afternoon there was a*mixture of *summer showers and sunlit hours. being far from the * shelter we became soaked, we both looked a mess, then when the rain stopped we hugged each other and as we squelched our way back towards the village only stopping briefly in a sunlit area to rest and allow ourselves to dry out. Shortly after we walked under the trees in the woods; flying insects awakened by the showers hurried us along and later feeling tired we sat down on a lichen-encrusted log for a further rest, there we talked for awhile and then remained silent.

 We were listening to the quietness, the woods are rarely still, there is a lot of activity in progress, but natures sounds are quiet and harmonious, nature was laying its healing quietness on us, we were happy.

Shortly after we arrived at our rented cottage where we were greeted by the live-in help, it had become somewhat *chilly with a light northerly wind blowing. but the * warmth of the cottage interior was comforting and the oldie world aroma of the Steak and kidney pudding warmed our entry.

 That evening we planned to leave early the following morning in order  to visit my childhood village of Chalgrove and other surrounding villages where only * footsteps away were other quaint old-world cottages and the former homes of likenesses of Geoffrey Chaucer and who with Jerome K Jerome lived in more recent times and was buried in the local church in Ewelme. It is a region of Great Britain where history becomes alive.

Let yourself shine, do not compare yourself to anyone else.
 Vest ... back soon.


Vest said…
I am a trifle early for this week due to my day out with my nice cleaning lady on Wednesday. hope you like my rendition.
It sounds like an absolutely lovely day.

My contribution is much more mundane.
Summer? The days where each step leaves sweaty footprints behind fill me with horror. While others revel in the warmth I shelter in shady areas, dreaming of cold nights (where I can sleep again) and blissfully chilly days. Which means our house has a mixture of happy and unhappy people - whatever the season.
Lee said…
Thanks, Vest for the words and your great use of them. Better early than never!

Below is my effort for this week....

"She heard FOOTSTEPS outside on the verandah. She’d entered the old house seeking SHELTER and WARMTH from the CHILLY winds, in the belief the old, broken down SUMMER house had been abandoned years ago. Upon hearing the unexpected noises from outside, she was filled with a MIXTURE of fear and curiosity."
Cathy said…
Vest, I walked along beside you both, getting wet and then tasting a fabulous steak and kidney pudding.

My words will be on my blog tomorrow morning - drop by when you get a minute or two.

Hope you enjoy your day out. Also hope it's a bit warmer where you are.....it's freezing in Melbourne

Take care
Anonymous said…
A small glitch vest, the cooler winds come from the south.
Vest said…
E C. My main bedroom and Ensuite faces dead south, only the O/S gets the afternoon sun the eastside Is sheltered by a covered deck. Ideal in summer but like an icebox right now, mind you it has a lovely summer ambience.Thank you for your kind words.
Vest said…
LEE> Thanks. Words that open our eyes to the world are the easiest to remember.
Vest said…
Cathy. Cathy and Sydney were captured by cannibals and were stewing in the big black pot when the cook say's : "Long time since we have Cate and Sydney pudding".

I shall call soonest.
Vest said…
Anon. How clever of you to make your mistake. England I must remind you is in the Northern Hemisphere where North winds are cool, unlike STRAYER where it is the reverse. Anyhow have a pleasant day.
Vest said…
Cathy. I am still having prob's with Vest Daily gaggle on your blog At the moment it comes out as LJB, as in the comment on Fareham Hants car park
River said…
Thanks for the words Vest. I'll put my mind to work and see what I can come up with.
I'll have a story on my blog by Friday.
A lovely little collection of words.....I shall apply myself.
Like a mixture of candy floss and dill pickles, their summer romance was sour and sweet. One day her attitude was chilly, on another her warmth was delightful. It was all over the day he followed her footsteps on the beach to the shelter where they met and found her sharing a picnic with anoher man.
Cathy said…
Good morning Vest
Received your car park comment loud and clear. Hope your son didn't have to answer to the law lol

My words for wednesday post was published this morning and can be found
Vest said…
Cathy. I have visited your Blog on three occasions today and on each occasion, my comment was destroyed by some unknown element. I shall consult my son to deal with the matter.
Opening the French windows to the patio this morning was unlike your early morning experience. The Cold wind blew the curtains high as I shivered in my pyjamas to let in a frozen Cat.
messymimi said…
How i remember those brief times when the children were away, i am glad you enjoyed your time with your sweetheart.

EC, that sounds like my house, some loving the warmth, and some the cold.

Lee, i hope it's just another person caught in the storm and seeking shelter.

Only Slightly Confused, those are the kind of mixed signals to avoid like the plague!

My story is back at the ol' hacienda.
Vest said…
Only Slightly Confused. My trip to the Club with my Carer cleaning lady today was hardly a hoot. I paid the bills She drove her car. plenty of odd looks from people I knew. Karen is the Mum of two. a good conversationalist but that's where the connection ends. No romance although she may be no Dill I am too aged to be pickled. Definitely unromantic. At her request, we visited the resting place of Rosemary. I was surprised the Red and yellow roses placed there last week were still looking fairly fresh from the result of my teardrops a week ago.Thanks for calling.
Vest said…
River. I have high expectations from your promised delivery of another masterpiece of prose.
Vest said…
LEE. I too am no stranger to the mystic noises of the night, I hear them only too frequently. being a light Sleeper. Investigating them is out of the question, in any case, tiptoeing in one's Pyjamas to investigate on a cold night is not wise, in most cases, it is either one of our Moggies or a hungry possum. the sight of their droppings often indicates they have called
overnight. Your rendition of my words is greatly appreciated, !2 words next week.
Vest said…
Messymimi. Thank for reading my post. I have called on your blog to comment.
Vest said…
EH. RE your weight watchers info. ( Thursday, July 5, 2018 ) - It was the most watched episode in Shark Tank history when sisters Anna and Samantha Martin from Budgewoi won over the Shark Tank panel,
I reckon there are lots of lard-laden ladies in Strayer, not all of them here in BUdgewoi.
Quite a few in 'LARDILAIDE'.
RO said…
Thanks so much for the words yesterday! Hugs...RO
Vest said…
CINDI. I have called on your blog
Vest said…
R O. I have spent quite some time searching your blog . and have posted my comments. Thanks for calling.

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