Ausydnestan -Jobless Australia.

Due to the constant problems with the internet availability in Country NSW Strayer, the  distant Asian country of the former USSR Ratshitasstan has offered their commiserations stating they are on an equal footing and seriously considering to adopt the morse code if things become worse, and to complete its sympathy wish to become sister states-referring to us as Ausydnestan.
And to make matters, even more, worse it seems that any voice communication with future Australia Govt call centres will be answered by a voice from Amritsar Mumbai or Dacca. Employees at Call centres in India will receive only 10% of the wages of those in   Ausynestan- Alias Australia.

For the past three months or more I have been plagued by the internet. despite calls to my provider and technicians calling at our office. It is down at the moment like it has been half a dozen times or more today. I shall post this at the first opportunity.

Hope springs eternal.  Vest.



I hope your hopes come to fruition.
messymimi said…
The story repeats in many places. It was a blessing the other day to call my wireless company and actually get someone who spoke my language as a native speaker and understood everything i needed.

Hoping you get it all straight soon, as well as credit from the company for the days you've had no service.
RO said…
I know that can be so frustrating, particularly for a blogger or writer, and hope things get better soon. I would imagine you'll be compensated well for the inconvenience. Hugs...RO
Vest said…
EC. Messymimi. and RO. Thank you all for sharing my Concern, you are very kind. Nevertheless, it is being chased up by my eldest son who deals with the majority of these problems. although with little success.
Sue Bowyer said…
That's true Les.

Hope you have been well. Not long now till you are a Great Grandfather again. X
Lee said…
It angers me when I have to deal with a voice on the other end of the phone that can barely speak English!!!!
Vest said…
Sue B.I have already received the good news. And to add to the good news I have torpedoed my Facebook thingy, which was orchestrated by my son Chris, I simply could not cope with the extra punishment of my slowly weakening frame, please call again.
Vest said…
LEE. It is OK for governments to break the rules and deprive our own people. Some time ago I booked a Flight from the Flight centre in Gosford NSW, A lady answered in a subcontinent accent and gave an Indian name. Checking it out I discovered she was actually calling from Gosford.
RO said…
I sure hope things are getting better with the Internet connectivity! Hugs...RO
Vest said…
R O.Sorry about the delay with my reply. I hope to get revved up soon.

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