Will English go to the Dargs?.

Watching Modern American Movies( Films)Can become frustrating to say the least when the dialogue becomes undecipherable. It seems most of these overpaid American clowns need what is called tuition in Proper English which is what other countries other than Americans use in order to get it right first time. It seems an American movie (film) relies on the draw card of disorientated but well known actors who usually part company with life with the assistance of booze and drugs,the need for them to be understood is minimal by the retarded people who watch some of this crap which is overwhelmed by 'Bang Clang' so called music or sound renditions, Which on even half volume is calculated to turn people permanently deaf. I Read a post recently where the person was saying his friend bob had got a new job as a cop dog handler in the local fort Translated verbally into American reads... Barb had gotten a new jarb as a carp darg handler at the Fart. American English is just so past tense. I would like to point to the creeping Americanisation of our English Language. The past tense of 'dive' is not 'dove' Dove Is a noun, it is also a Bird,or a brand name for a soap product. Among the worst 'in print' sentences I have read for many years, 'He dove, and panicked and freaked out, and came and gotten the wave. Come on, wake up and ensure that our language remains English, Or even an Australian Type of English. And before I get pilloried for my own bad English sort your own out if you wish to reply to this post, few of us are perfect. May you all have the strength and courage to change the things you can; and know the difference.. Vest.... back soon.


Lower deck lawyer. said…
American is a flatulate lingo emanating from either top or bottom orifice....Mike.
Davoh said…
Dunno, really. Have two canine bitches in my house.

But while am 'attit' - where does "gotten" come from? One of the ugliest words in the polyglot 'langwige' English.

"gotten"? Eighty percent of the time it can be 're-placed' with "become", "acquired", "had" ...

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR .... sneaky and subtle, yankee, Social Imperialism ..
Go home Yanks.
teacher said…
Englsh is a hotchpotch of latin norse welsh frog and hun.also contains arabic and espana.
Vest said…
Teacher: you have not listed Gaelic and Manx.
On Friday Nov 8 a schoolmaster -teacher failed on the $20,000 Question saying Glasgow was the capital of Scotland. Real bonehead.
S. said…
RE the judge USA
I don’t think I agree with the entirely positive view that judge has of America where I suspect some are much, much freer than others.

I don’t think an admitted terrorist should be released, but don’t know that freedom and justice are the first thoughts that spring to my mind about the US of A.
Vest said…
S: I agree; It is purely a concoction of vague promises.

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