Appendage Health Problems.

Last Thursday AM I fronted up to one of our Local GP's, I am not sure of his name, However his appearance suggested he would have Knowledge of the 'Golden Temple of Amritsar.He listened attentively, weighed me and took my Blood pressure reading, I was then given a prescription of Meds to cover one week and was told to return in one week with a sample of urine. I had arrived that morning with a sample of urine taken on rising from bed at 7am, and informed said doctor of my predicament, Meaning My appendage was sore and had been peeing blood and other odd bits and pieces overnight, despite the sample showing otherwise. I asked the said GP to arrange a referral for the Specialist who has the history of my past problems concerning this this info was given to me by the specialist's Secretary whom I had phoned earlier that morning, to pass on to my GP. Over the past week signs of blood and other tiddly bits were frequently seen in my wee wee although the past two days seemed normal despite the continued soreness. This morning I again phoned the Specialist's Secretary who listened attentively and told me to get that elusive 'Referral Also she told me I had an appointment to see the specialist Dec 1. This morning I phoned the local Doctors office his secretary has arranged an appointment in four days time. My doctors office/ surg, is three mins walk away or 35 seconds by car, Shortly a note and sample will be delivered by hand to said place of healing. The only humour to creep out in this lot of twaddle was the remark by said doc last Thursday being, "Have you been seeing any women lately" Only my dear lady of 80 years and my self being 88 so it is HARDLY likely. 'The best is yet to be'...Vest Aus 2nd class, No G C, back soon. Spell check out again.


Vest said…
After two attempts to deliver package of letter-notes and sample I have been informed Dr Singh will see me on Monday At 1130.( without a secondary title it is tantamount to refer to me likewise as Mr England or Britain or anglo saxon,
There must be millions of Mr Singh's in India but only identifiable by a second title or more.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Arguments are to be avoided: they are always vulgar and often convincing. Mike.
Amy... Swansea. said…
Ha Ha Ha, Vest has a sore appendage. Ha Ha Ha.
Vest said…
Amy The garrulous old chook from Caves Beach,Nothing but a vasectomy of the vocal chords could fix you.
Laugh while you may.
Thank you for calling.
Rosemary Vella. said…
You have not lost your sense of humour but I hope your next results are more pleasing. I shall await your next up date regards.
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
I will be away from my computer until the morning of the 18th of November and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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