My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist


Vest said…
This person is a stickler for the truth. he doesn't have to lie what he say's are nothing less than startling facts
The muslim sore that will never heal if complacent non muslims, allow this evil disease to persist and a violent archaic way of life to take hold sponsored by idiotic appeasing politicians Our younger generation should act now. not when it is too late to heed the truth.
Vest said…
Even if you are a complete idiot and disagree or are too bone lazy to listen what this person has to say, I fear for your future.
Anonymous said…
it wont happen herre in australia
were molticoltural muslims are diferrent in this country.your very wicked and nogood.
Vest said…
Well I'll be jiggered, I learn something new every day. You seem to be such a sweet and charming person, so in the traditional Australian way I shall appease you and bow to your superiority and not dare think that you are anything but true and loving.

I mimic and flatulate in your general direction (-X-) Vest.

Jo said…
The word Racist and Bigot should be removed from the English vocabulary. The word Patriotism is more suited.
Anonymous said…
So, four years later, and how right you are Sir, bLiar is a communist reptile who may well face justice to man made laws one day, but today in 2018 after the Kangaroo Court set up in Tommy Robinsons honour, and the evident whole sale corruption of police, state, and judiciary by Communist infiltrators let lose by this reptile, all aided and abetted by media establishment propaganda machines. But bLiar is a non enteity now in compararison to what that cnut unleashed. With Appeaser May as a bLiarite, another reptile who speaks with fork tongue! and comrade Corbyn a Marxist/Stalinist bLiars common purpose march through the institutions is in safe hands. Islam, so the communists would lead you to believe is not an ideaology and if you don't agree, then a Kangaroo court will arranged so as to change your mind. That we now have,to all intent and purposes, a political prisoner in England for criticising the islamification and backdoor installment of some sort of blasphemy law ie so called hate speech, "islamophobia" whatever that means, racism ditto'.(Marxist dogma) A false arrest and imprisonment engineered and orchestrated by a MUSLIM (I kid u not) Home Secretary Javid, another corrupt reptile in bed with the Marxist slug Bercow and the rest of this totalitarian regime, which at its heart is an anti English stance that becomes more apparent and subversive with each passing day.

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