"No it aint V P Day Its V J Day." Aug 15.

Its that time of the year when some of us oldies recall saying 'Thank Gawd for that ,now we can go home" but that didn't happen for most of our crew who would eventually after repairs in Sydney get the ship back to Pompey er Portsmouth March 13 1946 ten months after the war ended in Europe.
Although the BPF encountered a drop of rougher's occasionally it was not the ocean we had to contend with  but the never ending day in day out clashes with the Japanese Air Force" Yeah I know you heard all that shit before", But some may still be having nightmares about its stark reality - particularly those like myself more exposed to the scenario than others who heard the noise but never saw or became involved.
Originally called Vee Jay day and still is in the United Kingdom  the title was overturned by Little  baldy Johnny Howard and Co Chicken Hawk non combatant with multiple Gold cards Billy Bunter aka fish net stockinged Dolly Downer.
As a reminder the enemy was Japan , and the Japanese were not restricted to the the Pacific they had a large presence in the Indian Ocean too I recall the first Japanese plane I saw at Palembang Sumatra Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia)After it was reported I was asked "Are you sure it is an enemy plane" "Yes" I replied , "it has two engines".
Vest Not Forget.


Anonymous said…
Only decrepit ole Basturds like you would remember that forgottan history silly ole twit. Sean.
Vest said…
Sean: Thanks for your delightful comment. Quite a charmer aren't you.
WALLY. said…
Whats with the two engine remark vesty.
Vest said…
Wally: We the British were flying single engine planes only. Seafires, Fireflies, Corsairs, Hellcats and Avengers.
Nine of our pilots aged between 19 and 22 were beheaded by the Japs after baling out over Palembang.
Vest said…
Watching 'Eggheads" with Jeromy Vine on Foxtel tonight Aug 15 Sydney, the question they dithered over was, was the invasion of Okinawa during first or second World War ? before they opened their mouths I gave my reply 0500 Easter Sunday April 1, all fools day, 1945.
I wonder how I remember that?Operation Iceberg, continued until the end of May.
According to Vests(My Hubby) doctors report when he retired from the Royal Navy.
Never grown a Beard.
Has all his teeth.
No earrings or tattoos.
Never caught Carnal Catarrh.
Blood content 15% Rum 10% cordite.
My mother was due to be posted to Australia to continue making radios for use in occupied territories...just as she had done in London.

She always regretted missing Australia (her father was from Queensland, a World War one veteran who ended up married to his nurse in England)...but never regretted the reason!

At 96 she certainly still knows of and celebrates VJ Day....and Sean wouldn't last a minute if within range of her walking stick.
Vest said…
Fly in the web: Sean is most likely a mamby pamby mummies boy, a new age spare the rod and spoil the child brat.probably a draft dodger too.

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