Railcorp will train City Rail Station Announcers to speak proper Ozstrayan..

The main Problem for most Rail travelers is the comprehension of verbal instruction meted out by persons other than those born in Australia whose interpretation  and usage of the spoken word can be mystifying to most rail passengers.
For donkey's years, frustrated passengers on most of NSW Aus railway system have shaken their heads and rolled their eyes in disbelief at the cross Greco-Ity-Turk strine dialect spewing from train and station loudspeakers by guards and station staff.
The NSW Govt Fix the rail system will include training! Rail corp staff at a special school where they will learn how to speak correctly so train commuters  can understand them .
 Transport Minister Gladys *BEREJIKLIAN stated,"More than 300 staff will attend the initial training program"..* wonder where she hails from?

Excerpt from Memoirs 1971 Aug.
It was a pleasant day so we decided to take the train into town We had recently arrived as migrants from the U/K, and wished to take a break from the Hostel. On arrival at Leightonfield Station a recently arrived migrant? announced the destination for the next train in a strange garbled form of strine, a badly spoken form of Aussie English. Two old geezers sitting close by noticed that I was having difficulty understanding the announcement. Then one of them said, " when youse bin ere a bit more sport, you'll learn English'.
." I looked him squarely in the eye and replied, "Now isn't that nice to know , you silly old fart.". One of our boys said, "Daddy - you're being rude again.

Back soon Vest.
PS ......Seems Ms Gladys Berejiklian is of Armenian decent, Born Sydney 1970.
Lets hope she has the same financial acumen as the late 'Mr Five percent' Nubar Gulbenkian.


BBC said…
We should all adopt the same tongue, it sure would make communicating easier, when we're not fucking up spellings and dialects..

And grammar, what in the fuck is with that?
Vest said…
BBC, Billy, It would be a better option having the present communication arrangement.
With you in control of broadcast information the commuting public would assume it would be quite in order to masturbate or fornicate while waiting for the next train to arrive.
BTW, No more effing on this blog from you, you old Hill Billy. Or else.

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