Poverty in the Western World, Mindless out of control spending.

With the exception of out of control illness where in most cases an extra payment is made in order to provide a source of regulation to assist  a family unit, most poverty at family level is caused by sheer ignorance and out of control spending, like having roast peacock on payday and bread and water six days later. Unnecessary  poverty is sometimes illustrated by uncleanliness created by laziness and two mangy dogs barking in minefield of their calling cards around a garbage bin of empty beer bottles.
A recent comment on my previous post relating to so called 'Pay Day Loans' suggests there are people out there prepared make a buck out of this poverty via the ignorance factor, and there seems little that can be done to stop morons offering these loans which only tend to accelerate the predicament of these out of control borrowers.
This scenario is the ideal catalyst for crime, when the impoverished seek to find another source of income to feed their borrowings. Nipping these problems in the bud is difficult when the do gooders are thwarted by the opposite effect of thieving loan sharks.

Definition: poverty level
Synonyms: bare existence, breadline, hand-to-mouth existence, mere existence, pauperism, poverty trap, subsistence level
Vest, Back soon..
The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.
History today.
1938, England's Len Hutton scores a then record 364 runs against the Australians at the Surrey Oval. The game ended by England beating Australia by an innings and 579 runs.
1966. Aboriginal stockmen walk off Lord Vesty's wave hill cattle station, complaining of appalling working conditions.

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Vest said…
We are six days away from spring on the sunny Central Pacific Coast of New South Wales Australia.
The outdoor temp is 23C in the shade, light blue coloured skies a slight breeze from the North(Equator)Advanced planting of seeds in garden has gone well should get early crops,dole bludgers and borrowers with arable land should put their shoulder to the wheel and dig for the benefit of their families, but I cant see it happening.
As the saying goes, 'Where Ignorance is bliss, Its folly to be wise'.
We were the subject of unpleasant gossip among the British expats in France because my husband had been too ill to work of run a business for over twenty years.
How did we live, they asked themselves.....and came up with all sorts.
Answer...we did not blow every penny on going to bars and restaurants and grew our own veg.
WALLY. said…
Vesty,I know you know we are a indiginous family but no dole bludgers,, Iam a Qulified Plumber my bro is a copper, Sister in hair and stuff mum works in a bottle shop and dad pissed off and went walkabout about six years ago. Mum has got a friend at work so dad isn't coming back here. cant plant vegies in our yard as it floods when it rains.
Vest said…
The fly in web;Thanks for your comment.
Today we have total sunshine and the wind has changed direction coming from the south(cooler)'
Planted two rows of parsnips, should be ready by Christmas Shop price then will be between $7 and $10 a kilo. Carrots on the other hand are much cheaper all year around about $1 to $1-50 a kilo, more economical to buy them.
Vest said…
Wally: You and your family's exemplary achievements are noted.
Great Mate.
Dylan said…
I've had my own frustrations with Poverty, or simply a lack of money to use.
The comment/first paragraph is exactly what it is and the ignorance of those individuals is utterly absurd, particularly when they start questioning why they are so poor.

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