Bottled Water. A Waste of Money. Bad for the Enviroment

ABOUT 4000 NSW public servants have been told to stop drinking bottled water - because it is bad for the environment. The Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) has sent a memo to staff saying bottled water will no longer be provided at its 120 offices - and encouraging staff to avoid buying their own. "Staff are asked to consider refilling water bottles from the tap. All major centres in NSW have a clean, reliable water supply," a DECC spokesman said. "Staff can buy their own bottled water but we would hope they consider the environment." The decision to scrap bottled water was made on environmental grounds and extends to communal chilled water dispensers. "The environmental costs of bottled water, producing, transporting, refrigerating and disposing of the bottles, have led DECC to eliminate all non-essential bottled water purchases from the department," a small number of the bottles will still be bought for occupational health and safety reasons, like fire-fighting operations or for field work. The department's decision could trigger a domino effect and hurt Australia's bottled water market - $385 million last year for 250 million litres, A Sydney north shore Council will next month vote on a mayoral motion to eradicate all bottled water from council buildings and functions. Its Mayor is teaming up with environmental campaigner Jon Dee to write to every council in Australia encouraging them to do the same - in line with a similar move by San Francisco earlier this year. The aim of the campaign is to reduce bottled water usage by 25 per cent across the country in two years. It's an environmentally disastrous product, quite frankly, because we've got very good tap water, the consumption of bottled water is apparently increasing by about 10 per cent per annum." The Local Government Association last month passed a motion supporting the launch of a campaign to alert people to the environmental impact of water bottles. Then there is the impact on the hip pocket. According to the most recent research, tap water costs about $1.20 per tonne, while one tonne of the pre-bottled variety costs as much as $3000. DECC estimated about 200ml of oil is used to produce each litre bottle of water, including in the plastic, transportation and refrigeration. Australians' bottled water use last year was responsible for more than 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions - the same amount 13,000 cars generate in 12 months. Global consumption of bottled water is now estimated at around 180 billion litres a year.
The water within our household comes from the town water supply through taps (faucets)
for bathing/showers, WC, laundry and kitchen use. The same water is filtered then boiled and refrigerated for personal drinking, it is rarely stored for more than a week, this filtered water is also used for hot drinks, cooking and a final rinse for washed vegetables and I might add it tastes much better than expensive bottled water you buy.
Cost wise; our filtration system when used wisely runs up a bill of about $8.00 per Sixty liters or 15.9 US and 12.7 Brit Imp gallons. My personal consumption is a minimum two liters per day costing 25 cents apposed to $2.00 for dodgy bottled water, it also assists in flushing the toxins from ones body due to eating indulgences and consuming more alcohol than is necessary.
So if you are suffering from sluggishness - body wise that is, try a large glass of pure water on rising from your slumbers, drink it slowly, later complete your day having consumed a minimum of two liters of this elixir of life, you will already begin to feel the benefits, your libido increases and so will your mean expectation of life.... Vest.


Anonymous said…
I forgot to tell you I received the money for the book. Thank you. I hope you enjoy it.

Only in our memories does time stand still.
Ben Romero
Author of Chicken Beaks books
Jim said…
love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and strength and

Love your neighbor as yourself

when u have that covered
u learn to differentiate btw His ways and your ways


the rest dont matter
Vest said…
Jim: I am assuming this unexpected ecclesiastical trait of yours stems from a new year resolution; replacing your customry inordinate display of expletives.
Is Jim going potty?
Methinks something sinister is afoot.
Jim said…
Les Boyer loves me verry much
I am scared

Anonymous said…
The filter sounds like a good idea.
Anonymous said…
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tqmcintl said…
"On a gloomy, rainy morning, it came little eight-year-old Tommy's
turn to say the blessing at breakfast.

'We thank Thee for this
beautiful day,' he prayed.

His mother asked him why he said that
when the day was anything but beautiful.

'Mother,' said he, with
rare wisdom, 'never judge a day by its weather.'"


-- Author Unknown"
No one cares. I can understand if it's a «medical» water, like we have many here in Portugal, but everyone buys common bottled water!
Now it starts a campaign for not buy water in plastic but in glass, for not so toxic recycling and so one... But people are really stupid and have the money to pay their idiotic way of sleep-walking life!

Keshi said…
reminds me..I need to drink some water :)

Jim said…
Sunday, January 20, 2008
Another Indian student shot dead in US university

Abhijit Mahato was found dead inside his apartment (Agencies File Photo)
WASHINGTON: Yet another Indian doctoral student has been shot dead - the third in a month - on a US university campus, raising questions about the safety of the American university environment. The bullet-riddled body of 29-year old Abhijit Mahato was found inside his Anderson Street apartment in North Carolina's Duke University on Friday, nearly
Vest said…
Klatuu o embucado: Thanks for the input, please call again sometime.

Aggie: Yes the filter is a great Idea, other than a distillation plant which could also be used for the production of moonshine. Hmm.

Jim; Seems you are off on another expletive bender, after I thought you had re-embraced the Faith Industry.
It is sad about the Indian student, his family will mourn for him. However, for each American there are five Indians, the matter will soon end with little ado.

Tqmcintl: Thanks for the minuscule morsel of wisdom from minor; octo anum Tommy.
Now one for Tommy.
Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday, and all is well.

Keshi: Ah beautiful Keshi. What other drinkies have you imbibed in, xxx.
Really the bottled water is not safe for drinking..but some times during journeys and remote places it may work...
Keshi said…
hmmmm mainly coffee :)

I like red wine too. And vodka with orange.


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