Back to the swing of things.

SO the festivities have abated and the visitors have returned home, only one more crazy day to go 'Australia Day Jan 26; before we muster strength to cope with the arrival thousands of Easter bunnies a la Cadbury and Nestle.
First of all on OZ Strayer day, ask as many people as possible; particularly Aussies, " How many stars are there on the OZ Flag"? or make it harder the number of points on the stars of said flag, last year I received the correct answers from one in every eight enquiries.
I am attracting a heap of visitors according to my stats. but comments are sparse. However, its the Quality of my callers I enjoy; the regulars and those with whom I share a common bond, blogging has cemented some great relationships.
Not altogether smooth sailing during the past 19 days, when on Thurs 3 inst I decided to take a tumble in the shower, whereby an re enactment of 'psycho ' took place, when I cracked my right shin bone (dead centre) among other bruises. Lots of blood, pain and throb throb throb, fortunately I was the the only person in the house at the time when I let go a barrage of well known foul expletives; some being those I had learned during my Naval career.
After a jab and a gutful of antibiotics I am close to recovery, although some pain remains. but fortunately my right knee (operated on in Sept) survived the crash.
Friday 18, went to the club, looking forward to a peaceful w/end after the Xmas mayhem., returned to empty house at 1145pm, but not for long. approx midnight - yes bloody midnight of all times, Number 4 son with wife and two daughters arrive unannounced for the weekend.
Rosemary and I mustered up our last remaining vestiges of diplomacy and dignity and welcomed them. so that was the quiet w/e gone out the door, not sure when the next opportunity will present itself, this Friday we have # 5 sons two children to keep us happy over the w/e.
Welcome to my website, Debbie. Debbie is my niece from Portsmouth England.
Everyone have a cool and wonderful Australia Day W/end, and if you hail from the top end, have a warm cuddly W/end.


Anonymous said…
Ooh poor vesty, it musta hurt reeeeeel bad-but glad it wasn't your middle stump that got clean bowled.xxxx
Vest said…
Kate thanks for the sympathy. Since I have done more than 80 years and Over, according to the 80 over rule in cricket; like wise I too should get some new balls to replace the old ones.
More is the pity the balls don't come with a new bat.
Anonymous said…
vest, maybe you could apply for a bat transplant donor, say, a young deceased 'P' plater, plenty of them available.
Vest said…
Amy; Can't put the cart before the horse, must acquire new testimomials first before the joy stick, but as you suggest the transplant, I think I'll wait for the meat and two veg option from a deceased 20 year old donor.
Anonymous said…
hi old mate- popping over to the PL on tuesday for a month, so see you friday 7-30 before I go.
your biggest problem is you are too nice to your relatives.
Anonymous said…
Ouch! I hope the knee is healing nicely by now.
Trouble with new cricket equipment Vest, is that it would end up producing more of those rellies!
You don't need anymore of those.
I hope you enjoy your long weekend in spite of all the visitors. Lovely to see them and lovelier to see them go. Waves!
Jim said…
Jan 26 is republic day for India

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Vest said…
Due to a sudden crisis our Gr/ Ch expected on Frid have turned up today, Wed, "How Nice".

Izzy Dave: E mail message on way.

Aggie: Lust overcomes the spectre of the future.
However, some people are able to handle it in order to resolve the problem.

Wots all dis kerfuffle all about?
Have sent it to worry five more people as requested.
Anonymous said…
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