FAT OBESE MOTHERS Do Conceive Fat Unhealthy Babies.

Fat babies are made to order, by fat mothers, 'that's right'. You fat kids can blame your mother for your weight problems. like pigging out on Trans fat fried Chook and Mac Greaseburgers.

The Mothers diet shapes her child's future.

AUSTRALIAN scientists have made the world-first discovery that a pregnant woman's diet determines whether her baby grows into a fat adult or a skinny one.
The research suggests women who are overweight before they fall pregnant, and during it, may condemn their children to a life of overeating and obesity.
It reveals that a mother's diet during pregnancy affects the baby's brain circuits, determining appetite and energy expenditure in their offspring.
This suggests that mothers should think twice about overindulging, or using the excuse that they're eating for two during pregnancy.
Unlike previous studies, the groundbreaking work highlights the pre-natal period as a critical time for programming of post-natal and adult appetite.
It found that even before a woman falls pregnant, she is potentially programming a child's future appetite.
The major finding is the dramatic increase in body fat in offspring of overweight and obese mothers.
Mothers fed a high-fat diet had offspring that were heavier, with more body fat and altered appetite regulators in the brain, meaning they overate.
The results are supported by a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition last year. It found that mothers who eat junk food during pregnancy may produce children who crave the same foods.
The study was particularly relevant, given that about 30 per cent of mothers enter pregnancy in an overweight or obese condition.
The study was conducted using overweight female rats who mated with healthy males. The females continued to be fed a high-fat Western diet during and after pregnancy.
The mums were overeating for that whole period, and the offspring were a third heavier than the rats fed a low-fat diet. The brain pathways regulating appetite in rats were similar to those in humans, suggesting similar trends could be expected in people.
It has become accepted that a woman's diet during pregnancy impacted on the fetus. Also it is now known that obesity during pregnancy more often than not causes gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.
Although nutritional needs were high during pregnancy, women should not be "eating for two''.
The study of mothers who were already overweight before they fell pregnant also found their offspring were showing signs of developing diabetes at a young age.
The findings are particularly relevant for overweight mothers, highlighting the importance of maintaining a normal weight before and during pregnancy.
Further research will examine how methods of intervention during breastfeeding can reverse bad nutritional habits and overeating.
The study sent a powerful message to women planning to fall pregnant.
They need to get their weight under control before conceiving, and those who are pregnant need to have minimum weight-gain during pregnancy.
Their babies are more likely to have a high birth weight. This then leads to lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.'

It has been suggested by eminent contributors to this blog site, that, paunchy beer swilling over weight fathers would contribute to the 'Lard' Factor, thus enhancing the chances that a overweight child would be born. However, a fat obese prospective mother copulating with a 100 per cent healthy male would make no difference to her chances that the Bub would be less over weight.


Anonymous said…
You planning on falling preggers or getting someone preggers Vest?

All these tests just tell women what they have known by instinct since they started giving birth in the first place.
Duh-oh ... tell us something we don't already know!
An alcoholic Mother or a drug addicted Mother passes on her addiction to the baby ...
Talk about Scientists stating the bloody obvious!
I bet overweight Men contribute overweight sperm genes too!
Jim said…
what about obese fatthers with an ugly paunch?

this study is sponsored by man
all studies are sponsored by man and rats
Vest said…
Jim Your new word, FATTHERS, a great cliche condensing the word fat fathers.
The imported rats used for vivisection come from Mumbai.
Hope you had a nice 'Republic Day'.

Ah Sweet Aggie: If ALL women are aware of this instinctively, those women who perpetrate this problem should be held accountable by law.

BTW I am still a male, doubt if I could stand the pain!

Getting someone preggers! Haven't thought about it lately. However, If the person who suggested it is available for a rumble under the doona, I'll give it some serious thought.XXX.
Jim said…
to find that creep VEST
google search dailygaggle

Anonymous said…
FAT OBESE MOTHERS Do Conceive Fat Unhealthy Babies.

One could always warn these women of the new findings, and the risk.

Will they take any notice?

Anonymous said…
I read your last (additional) paragraph with some interest Vest. I now suspect the findings of this research because it is actually untrue in reality.
A fat prospective Mum copulating with a 100% healthy male can and DOES result in slim children with no propensity towards fat.
I work in a school and I see evidence of this with my own eyes ALL the time. Male genes DO contribute to how a child turns out ... we know this with eye colour and other traits and we all know that a child can take after Mum in looks, or Dad in looks ... or be a real moggy-mix of both.
So FAT men need to watch their diets as a potential parent just as much as a fat female.
Obesity is a world wide problem and it is most certainly a male/female problem in equal intensity.
That's my two cents worth for today.
P.S. A "rumble under the doona" ??
When I find out what it means, I'll give it some thought. *wink*
Anonymous said…
hi vesty,lover boy and me have dark hair and brown eyes I have olive skin he is anglo saxon and we are not O/weight. he smokes and we both have drinkies at weekends, what are our prospects, luvs ya Kate, X.
Vest said…
Kate: I know what you both look like and further more I am not a Doc, but a good guess would be, Girl- Astonishly gorgeous (like yourself) Boy-Very Handsome, possibly gay.

Everyone: I have just received a great new story from the UK. Busy right now, will post it tomorrow latest
Vest said…
Some people are born with "Billy Bunter genes" that means they are naturally fat.
Genetics are a stronger influence on weight than factors such as upbringing, exercise and diet.

Billy Bunter: A victim of his genes?
The famous greedy 'The Magnet' comic creation Billy Bunter, may have been destined to be overweight even if he had not loved cream buns.

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