Speeding loonies get their comeuppance. Street Hoon cars seized

5 August 2007
Deathwish loonies get there come uppance

Blokes point the finger at RTA
From: The Sunday Telegraph
August 05, 2007
AN RTA road safety campaign that suggests car hoons have small penises has unleashed a flood of complaints to the advertising standards bureau - from blokes.

The $1.9 million campaign, which targets speeding among 17- to 25-year-olds, depicts female onlookers wiggling their pinkies as young male drivers speed by.

The gesture, designed to symbolise a male with a small penis, is part of a strategy adopted by the RTA to make speeding "uncool".

Twentythee cars have been seized by police under the state's hoon legislation since a crackdown on street racers began two weeks ago after two Sydney grandparents were hit and killed, Police seized 60 cars in the past six months and 177 in the state in the past year.

A few months back, my car tyres were let down in my club car park, shortly after I discovered our Ten Ton Tongan Bouncer had a similar car, not difficult to work that one out. Vest Daily Gaggle.


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Anonymous said…
This reminds me of MAD MAX, the movie
Anonymous said…
I recall in the 70's my hubby- Leadfoot Vest taking on a hoon in a souped up Holden at the traffic lights when he was in a 4.1 Falcon towing a trailer full of brick rubble. Les was well in front when our Falcon hit the speed hump - "Whoops" and bang clatter- the contents of the trailer hit the air and every thing following us. In the confusion we escaped up a side street, mind you that was some time ago when he was in his naughty forties, "Ah memories" But he's a lovable old so and so.
Anonymous said…
Rosemary,So he has a naughty past. but did he have a wee little winky pee thing as he suggested hoons have?
Anonymous said…
Kate. I am sure it was commensurable with the normal, but I am unfamiliar with larger or dis proportionate members, although I sometime feel I may have missed out not being promiscuous as is the norm these days, too damn late anyway.
Jim said…

is he good in bed?
he says he is
Anonymous said…
Jim. Replying to your 'Q'. I am unable to form an opinion based on comparison. I have been always of the opinion that my marital experiences were at the pinnacle of excellence and any lady exceeding this I would describe as being very fortunate.My husband is clean loving thoughtful sharing and giving and does not expect me to share his opinions, although I'll concede he is more clever than I, he will give me credit where due.
Yes he is good in bed. like most men are; who also snore fart and groan and wake their wives, but I love him with a passion and that is all that matters.
Anonymous said…

i wish i had married some one like u

no comparison?
now i see it

u havent been fooling around
like he done before he met u
Vest said…
Crikey I feel like a saint after that accolade; am I really that good. It sort of gives me licence to pop around to see Kate and show her proof of my teste monials.

Ok I am back from the hospital my pre op investigation was successfull, I have to be anethetised for my op on the 23rd Aug. I reminded the doc not to cock up and Euthanise me as I am not ready to go yet, doc Diaz- probably from Goa, Sri lanka or Macau only smiled when I suggested it could be likened to that of a simulated dummy run to the hereafter. I shall probably become a temporary B again C to get myself over that hurdle.
Anonymous said…
OK August 23 then
be brave

u r in good hands
Diaz is a christian bloke

Dont tell him u r an atheist
Anonymous said…
regardless of my other opinion of vest:(((, I do applaud his honest sense of humor:)))))).
Vest said…
Well well friend of tshsmom, scared of losing face among the rabid tshsmom followers, I dont care a rats arse about your honest opinions, if you have intestinal fortitude you would append your title to your comments.
Anonymous said…
tPa6VN The best blog you have!
Anonymous said…
oCIxmj write more, thanks.

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