Wednesday, 29 November 2006


All replies to blogs various in Nth Am will be entered here, This will be in order to give full weight to the replies and avoid them being deleted by disgruntled blog administrators. If found to be necessary ,the post will be upgraded after a suitable time period.


Vest said...

SME: Silly little tart, don't quote words of wisdom you are unfamiliar with. Wisdom comes with time and when it does you are too farking old to make much use of it. Words of wisdom usually fall on deaf ears.
To quote O C Lord Protector,1599-1658,"Trust in god but keep your powder dry". My favorite is "Bury the hatchet but mark the spot".Merry Xmas MS TeeHee.

Laura: Hi Fatso. Have a nice Xmas and lay off the pork and Booze.

Wandering Coyote: Have a nice Xmas, Be brave, get well soon and find employment.

Tshsmom: I am noticing your use of some of the both derogatory and complimentary cliche's you have learned from me, These will give more style to your insults, now say thank you Mr Vest.

Nancy Drew: 3,000,000 turkeys are slaughtered each year in order to stuff your fat bloated yankee bodies on Thanksgiving day. This is just another excuse for a national indulgence day to get pissed up and rage.
Nutter Nancy drew:
Due to your admittance I am aware your survival is dependant on a host of misc prescription drugs to enable you to get you through a normal day, there was little need for your unqualified statement to wrongly inform others I was similarly involved, a dozen JDs per week and the not too occasional aspirin would be about right.
Nancy Drew: Thanks for the 'DARLING" So you are in lust with me you wicked wench.
Nancy Drew: "Unmitigated rage" is a physical thing, so come off it bone head. I am Mr Cool, only my pen becomes aggravating to some of my readers. Lover girl, you talking of grey matter is hardly likely to be the cause and inspiration of its ejaculation. Have A Merry Xmas.

TSHSMOM: In reply to your Sick joke.
Compared to your Wizened Dial, a Chihuahua's ARSEHOLE is more Beautiful, also you should wash more frequently and stop hiding fish in your Knickers. Have a merry Xmas.

stanley,usa said...

Historical. 1864. On this day U S troops Massacre over a thousand native Americans who surrendered to them at Sand Creek in Colorado.

Vest said...

Well yank my doodle its a dandy. An unclesamman giving us the good oil on his countrymen. Yes Stanley they are still killing and bullying in Iraq and Afganistan, The U/S has killed Ten times more Iraqi people in three years Than Asshole saddam Hussein in twenty years.

saby said...

VEST and all u guys u must go
Karen is taunting the rest of the world

she represents the worst of america

saby said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
saby said...

Karen is taunting the rest of the world

she represents the worst of america

VEST and all u guys u must go

Karen is taunting the rest of the world


Vest said...

Saby thanks for calling and not using foul language. The site you recommended was not secure, in any case the Robin Williams tirade I had heard before someplace. A similar load of impossible dreams were narrated by a demented British person, who has now been locked safely away in Broadmoor asylum for the criminally insane.

Vest said...

The last 35 deleted comments. various forms of abuse and sordid obscene chatter, had the recognition stamp of Michele from Jazz coffee, maybe? Come on now don't be scared, expose your self.
Crikey that old Harridan would make a fairly ferocious Dragon in law.

Anonymous said...

Michele from Jazz coffee ?
its been so long

i forgot her name
i been calling her Melinda

has PUGS made any progrss?
Has he seen her nude yet?

Anonymous said...

tsh mom is more man than u VEST
she dont keep a moderator

Anonymous said...

PUGS has been sending flowers to Mich

not only is he rubbing her
he is also putting it in too

He has progressed
i just been to PUGS plac3

Vest said...

anonymous Saby; guessed it was you, not surprised that you forgot her name was Michele- thick head. I don't visit her or pugs, pugs is a gay ex ships cook and would not be interested, in any case even naked she and tshs would frighten a blind guy.

tshs may not have a moderator but she has a huge vibrator, don't you remember? the one you bought for her birthday this year, the she shoved up your ass to stop you talking, you stupid dingbat.

janet from derby,uk. said...

Hello you lovely person..your last email has arrived, I enjoyed a divine moment of tempestuos stimulation in a reconstruction of your second encounter with Emily soon after I read it. Oh so gratifying. have a beautifully sensual day, your dear friend Janet.

Vest said...

Janet: Definitely worth reconstructing if I remember correctly.

kate [ BUDGEWOI] said...

Hi vestie, are you down at the club tonight as I have some important news. and you can spill the beans about miss horn bag janet... how dare she play with your affections
ring when you can, luvs xxx

Hydrocodone said...

qK6xmN The best blog you have!

JohnBraun said...

TMT6DI write more, thanks.

A Merry Christmas "Everyone"

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