When you thought your civil rights had already been demolished a Sydney Council has resurrected the corpse for another blow.
It has taken the step to deny non smokers to inhale second hand smoke from their gasping associates.
A large Western Sydney club has built an out door facility for smokers, and the local Council decided that the area could only be used by smokers , the whole smoke and nothing but the smoke, drinking in the area is also forbidden, so having a fag and a beer in each hand is out too.
But even more sinister , is the banning of non smokers from the area.
It is the biggest attack on civil liberties since the Federal Govt banned dead people from having the vote.
Just to prove that stupidity does not end at the West coast of America, the local authorities have forced the club to employ security guards to enforce the order and barricade non-smokers in their air conditioned comfort with only the noise from gaming machines to keep them company.
Of course this enlightened policy has its upside.
Because the outside area shall be used for the exclusive purpose for persons smoking, the security guard will be empowered to force people to light up and stay lit.
Anyone not caught smoking will presumably be fined and excluded from the meat tray raffle.
This is a victory for public health in NSW OZ. Not only that, it is a long over due crackdown on the scourge that is the social smoker, the smug each - way punter who taunts the doomed addicts with his or her transient willpower and freedom to dine at indoor restaurants.
It is a shame that such a policy as making people smoke more actively; also deprives passive smokers of their piece of the action.
Nonetheless, the under-lying genius of the plan should ensure that local Govt in NSW, OZ continues to be accorded the respect it deserves.

CLICK HERE for the news in Australia, www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph My favorite newspaper , delivered daily to my door.

Neither one of my local clubs has a satisfactory remedy for isolating smokers.
In both situations the the smoke hits you as you enter the club; not a lot but enough to convince you that the imaginary line of demarcation is ineffective in preventing the killer haze from entering the clean air zone, although a first in best dressed rule would apply in this situation, like being seated 'Far from the madding Cloud'.
The Major cock up with the rules as they stand at the present time is that you must in both situations enter the smoking zone to use the rest rooms or gaming facilities.
Soon it is hoped that the state of New South Wales will follow the example of our 'Slow talking Neighbours' up north in the state of Queensland, where recently a total ban on smoking in pubs, clubs, restaurants and public areas indoors or outdoors came into effect.


Anonymous said…
'Tis already banned in pubs/clubs/bars/restaurants/RSA over here in N.Z. but as many point out, who is going to enforce it? I feel sorry for the old RSA guys who just want a drink and a fag in peace.
P.S. Book has arrived but sis collected from P.O. and hasn't gotten it to me yet. I'll let you know what I think.
Many thanks.
Anonymous said…
Hi Grandpa


Vest said…
Hmm, Congratulations Kylie Paul and the children.I will
never understand the order of engagement these days. Lovers, house, children, engagement, wedding soon I hope.
Bridget Jones said…
Is it considered smoking if you light the cigarette and stick it in your ears?

Just wondered.
Vest said…
N D: I doubt it, but up your nose could be another option.
Dont try the other two orifice's; that would be worse than playing with Jalapeno's.
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Hi vestie, I dumped that guy i Told you about , turned out an asshole.
Missed you at the club as you left early with your battalion of grandkids.
What are Jalapenos ? seems like a jap rubber thingy
Vest said…
Kate F B: Jalapenos are Hot;just like you. However there is an article on Google which to say the least; is quite enlightening.
Anonymous said…
Vestie that article on google was disgusting, i'll phone later pm.
Anonymous said…
Great post Mr vest, next year july will see smokers as outcasts in every public area including in the streets, following up will be the total ban on all tobacco products.
Excuse me aking, were you ever a smoker, if so for how long?
Vest said…
L D L. Thank you for asking, my reply will be in my next post.
In the meantime I would like you to reply to my question, that is, why are you using L D L as your blog name? you may be aware the title is not unfamiliar to me.

Kate F B. Sorry I was out when you called, was away for two days - family business.
Vest said…
L D L: Sorry no new post today-too tired, but i'll try to explain now.
I served in the British Navy, R N.
Not allowed to smoke until 18 years of age, but for some Stupid reason I started smoking at 22.
Up to the time I was 19 plus, my "Action Station" on a large Battleship was in the 'Air Defence Control position high in the superstructure', when the ship was in a stern sea and the wind coming from abaft the beam (Stern) The acrid fumes from the funnels(Smoke Stacks USA) would be inescapable. Although in later years this was avoided, It may have more than likly contributed to my present health status, plus smoking About 15 fags a day on ave for 38 years.

The smoke and Tar from nearly a quarter of ton of Tobacco has passed through my lungs, it is rather stupid, what say you old chappie.
Anonymous said…
vest, I am ex RAN,Comms, that will provide the answer to L D L.
Jim said…
wud u tell Aggie i gott the hotz for her?
Vest said…
Saby very soory can't do. off limits to every one, OK.
Anonymous said…
Just a quick word to express my point of veiw concerning the discussed smoking ban in pubs and clubs. As an employee of the industry and a non-smoker myself it goes without saying that i support the government and councils decision in making these restrictions.
I only began working behind a bar after smoking had been restricted to certain section of licenced venues (July 2006 i believe), however i still find my contact with second hand smoke excessive and unpleasant. Some may argue that why do i then choose to work in an industry such as this? well as a full time student, employment opotunities are limited especially positions that are flexible to the schedual of a student.
Many put forward the notion of civil liberties and how this action impedes those of smokers, however what of my right to work in a venue that does not come with the risk of developing lung cancer later in life when i have made the healthy choice of not smoking. Although i am able to understand the agruement of smokers wanting to carry out and activity that is both their own choice and within the bounds of the law.
To cap it off i am a clear supporter of this forcoming policy and when a customer tries to light up i will enforce the law, by both telling them to put it out and provide a glass of water for them to extinguish the cigarette with!
Vest said…
r stawski: Thank you for your comment. when the new smoking regulations are invoked, we will have less smokers to deal with. most of the smokers will become non smokers to enable them to enjoy a more pleasant social life.
Do you remember the slogan, "Kiss a non smoker and taste the difference".
BTW, most older posts rarely get visited, so should you care to visit this site you may make off topic comments, even on the most recent posts, again thanks for calling, call again.vest.

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