TODAY IS SIMPLY A BEAUTIFUL DAY, sunshine and clear skies

Our Lemon, Peach and other fruit trees are in blossom, the flowers are in bloom, and it is Fathers day here in Australia, Sunday Sept 3.
I have received greetings from our five sons also from ex Daughters in Law.
I also wish to send greetings to my Dad "Happy Fathers day Dad" still remember you,
Dad died Dec-1929. And to all other Fathers "Have a nice Day"


Vest said…
The downer is the fact that WW2 commenced Sunday Sept 3 1939. I was a 13 year old at the time.So long ago.
Vest said…
Thanks (A) from A NZ for your e/m best wishes.
Anonymous said…
Happy fathers day vestie from all of us...your sons were luckier than me... tell you one day about it. Zed the girls and my self have been down to Bondi for the day...real warm mate and got home before the sand flies took over.
see ya
Vest said…
Thanks Ann, ND. for your E/mailed Fathers day greetings.
And thank you Tshsmom too.
Vest said…
Tshsmom:The Kookaburra(Aus Aborigine) is a larger member of the Kingfisher family, although not in color as spectacular as the smaller king fishers I remember as a child frequenting the free flowing brooks in England. The one pictured is a juvenile,the colors become slightly darker in maturity.
Oh the joys of childhood; scantily dressed and muddy; wading in the brook to catch sticklebacks and crayfish,leave me to dream on.

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