What with my constant back pain coupled to my right side (Asbestos) related pleurisy and a toothache with tinnitus ringing in my ears, I had the problem of finding a dentist who was not booked out for a week or more, but success came after about two dozen calls(true) so after three days of waiting the original pain has abated but has left exposed another problem; with more pain and a very sore swollen mouth (Did I hear someone say that will shut that old sod up for a while) Hopefully the visit to the dentist on Monday will clear the problem up.
To add to my woes during the past week, the orthopaedic specialist having studied numerous x rays has booked me in for 'Keyhole' surgery on my right knee, this is to remove torn cartilage which is also adding to my aches and pains, There are other personal areas of my tired and worn body that need fixing too , but if fixed might lead to an over exertion problem , I am thinking in my case having lived without worrying over bodily privileges for a while I should let the sleeping monster lie.
Blogger news : one of my fav oz bloggers 'BURNT KARMA' supposedly retired from blogging recently to spend more time with her writing and family. she is a Channel 7 news caster and has been caught up in this PAPUA (Indonesia) cannibal thingy , will not waste time-see for yourself in the Saturday Daily Telegraph, My favorite news paper delivered to my door daily.
Click on, www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph


Anonymous said…
Before hubby had finished this post the aged Avonlady rang.
During the conversation in the doorway she explained she suffered sinus problems all week and pains in her left knee, and without the knowledge about hubbs right knee explained that last year she had keyhole surgery for the removal of torn cartilage and now her knee clicks even more,Poor vest is having a rough trot lately but I had to inform him. He say's "Thats about right,and there is another day to finish the week yet to come.Rosemary Vests Wife.
tshsmom said…
I feel your pain!!
I, too, have a bad back and knees. I'm sure they won't improve as I age. :(
Unfortunately, surgeries tend to lead to more surgeries, to correct the previous surgeries.
As for the tooth pain...I've been pain free since I got my dentures, 7 yrs ago.
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about the health woes. Hope you get better soon. Ain't getting older the pits!
Vest said…
Aggie: Although there was never any disclosure on your part,I believe you to be at a getting wiser age not an older age.
But it is not all sadness at the I remember age.
Well I won't complain about my nasty hiking-induced blisters, then. I hope you mend soon!
Michele said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Purring said…
I was feeling a bit whiny about my sorelockingup knuckle. Now I'm just feeling like a big wuss.
Anonymous said…
hi vestie, its a sort of anti climax for me today, I have just got back from a field trip, six days camping wild and two in a motel due to the incessant rain.
i'll ring you 6-30 to 7pm today, to confess my sins.
Vest said…
Kate is a beautiful young lady and no more wicked than most persons her age would like to be, depending how you interpret her actions.
Kate thanks for the call, probably see you on the weekend.
Bridget Jones said…
Poor Vestie!!! Holy crap hope that you can get this stuff taken care of pronto!!!

Is the tinnitis recent? Hoping it goes away when the dental stuff is addressed. Is there a dental emergency service where you live?

Ottawa's pretty primitive in many respects but at least we do have that.
Vest said…
Thank you Aggie, Wandering Coyote, Kari and Nancy Drew. for your kind thoughts.
I am pleased to be able to inform you, most of the pains have subsided, I have learned to live with the pain from the Asbestos/ related pleurosy and the Tinnitis which I inherited during my Naval service, fortunately I still have a functioning brain. Again thanks.
I'm feeling like I shouldn't be having a pity party after reading this post. I just got done with surgery and am at home now. I'm basically fine, but sore, but I don't think my aches and pains are anything compared to what you're faced with. :-/ My thoughts go out to you...
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you are feeling better.
Jim said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
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