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Anonymous said…
im shane from the nsw abbatoir that closed recently, im truly sorry having worked there for two years im single and now im collecting carts for the supermarkets in parramatta, and i really love the chicks in sydney, checked out budgewoi for kate who seemed a hot prospect, 120 kays up the coast mate, got her number??
Vest said…
Hi Shane, thanks for your comment. However, this is not a dating agency.
Nice to know you have found employment.
Where was that NSW Abattoir you mentioned?
Vest said…
ok Shane I have discovered the whereabouts of the abottoir, it was in COWRA in New South Wales, OZ
Strayer,it shut down a month ago.

Sort of sounds like 'COW ra.
Vest said…
Ah well its friday tomorrow and time for those like myself who can afford it to have fun and games, whatever form of enlightenment you enjoy I hope is not at the expense of the less fortunate.
If by chance your pork roast(Gentiles)tastes funny or lamb chops (halal) smell weird Or that beef T-Bone steak(Kosher)is hard to digest, its simply that you are struggling with your conscience.
However, we shall have a pork roast tomorrow as lots of relatives (Christians?)will be decending on us for free board and sustanence( must hide the scotch)
Senior Son Chris (posts as Vest Jnr)Hits 53 Sat.

So remember if you want me to comment elsewhere, let me know by calling here occasionly,, have a lovely weekend, Vest Daily Gaggle.
Bridget Jones said…
Have a great weekend, Vest!!!

If I could live on pizza only I would!
Jim said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jim said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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