Tomorrow My youngest son Tim and I (NO WOMEN this is a blokey thing) will see who can lose the most dosh at the Wyong race meeting. Tim and other senior management at A. T. F. Mining Electrics and myself plus a few International sporting Icons will discuss nothing of importance at the luncheon except introductions and drinks and good cordial chatting during the afternoon race meeting. The wash up of this day out will be posted soon?

For the very Latest News. www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph

My favorite newspaper which I have delivered daily.

Washup Indeed: Our district has had about four inches of rain overnight and up to about an hour ago. The race course is now under water and all bets are off . Day out cancelled.
As I write the rain has just just started again and is teeming down.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Can't take the heat?
We're on to you indian/aussie
climb back under you rock.

You are a total waste of skin
and your blog sucks big time.
You have over 25 blogs and they
all suck.LOSER
Vest said…
Last caller, I can almost guarantee at least one idiot will call each day.
Latest news my server has been down intermittently for over 24 hours.
Heaviest rainfall for a September day since 1888 recorded at Sydney observatory 108 mm or 4.3 inches, in the suburbs about 115mm or 4.5 inches.
I shall be busy with the arrival of G/Ch this W/E, but will find time to reply to incoming comments only, so that shouldn't take too long, unexpected visitors Have just arrived, thats it, fini.
Anonymous said…
Hi there mr vest,sharon and i are pleased you are coming next friday- and we all want to know what sort of indian your suposed to be red or hindu paki or something, fevvers or turban you looked quite white last time on your birthday see ya Zed (Zac) sharon is typing.
ps is that guy the full quid-- 25 blogs what crap
Vest said…
Well bloggers, My beautiful beachside tourist town of Budgewoi NSW Oz 5 days ago was drenched in sunshine and spring pleasantries, but now the rain has closed in on us and it has been tiddling down over the past four days, about ten inches aprox, it is sad that only half falls in the catchment areas, our water storage capacity is down to 16%, which is not good at all.
I would like to suggest that all of those wowsers greenies and other dickheads who sign petitions against the De-salination plant now being installed should include their council rates Number so to enable local authorities to track down those reponsible for the vandalism of the De-salination plant.
Vest said…
Anonymous caller or should I say Ignonimous rat, tell us all about these mysterious blogsites, 25 you say, because I am flat out and fattening out for lack of excercise and other excesses trying to find time for this blogsite fart head. E-mail me; with your details.
Anonymous said…
hi vestie..you havent called me lately have i offended you if so let me know please.
Vest said…
Catherine: I have checked your comment record since march 2004 and it stands at one per twenty-nine days, as you are a non blogger I do have to e mail you to contact you, which I have done but only by sending comical items, so really its entirely up to you to visit me and then I shall reply to your comment, it is a pity that it is not a standard practice, some people whose blogs I comment on are not too generous with their replies, apart from one outspoken loony from Mumbai India. If you have a personal problem you wish to discuss. e-mail me or if you are on skype we can chat for free, bye for now, Vest. BTW If I sound grumpy it is because I have a 'Toothache'
Bridget Jones said…
Vest, you guys are speaking in code here but that's ok....it's been raining here for at least 3 weeks (the duration of my vacation). Restful.
Vest said…
N D :What a wonderful surprise.
Thank you so much for visiting, it has given me that wanted feeling again, luvs ya vest.
Jim said…
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